Oftentimes, when people are sick they lack encouraging support to believe for their miracle. That’s why I am here… to help you heal in Jesus’ name.

Healing Testimonies

Parkinson’s Healed                     Heart, Thyroid & Broken Bones Healed


Brown Recluse Spider Bite Healed          Compressed Disks Healed


TMJ Healed                              Blepharitis and Chronic Dry Eyes Healed


Healing Teaching Videos

Why I’m Sick?           Why I’m Attacked?       Source of Sickness     Power of Words


Faith in Action          Christians Sick?      Sin Effects Healing     Struggling to Believe


Wrong Expectations  Clean Your Temple     Wrong Motives   Jesus Willing to Heal?

Suicide                       Receive Jesus               It Is Finished               Where to Trust


Jesus Shed His Blood for You 7 Times Series

Part 1                             Part 2                            Part 3                         Part 4

Part 5                                    Part 6                      Part 7


DARE to Believe Book Promo

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