Why should I give?                                                                    

  • I should give to Life Tender Mercy Home — Guatemala because I have a heart for the orphaned, abandoned, and HIV infected children, and desire to make an eternal difference in their lives. (See Matthew 25:35-40.)
  • I should give to Healing And Miracles International because I believe in the Great Commission and have a passion for the mission work that they are doing worldwide, and desire to see more won to Christ and be healed. (See Mark 16:15-18.)
  • I should give to David and Becky Dvorak because they are full-time missionaries, who are dedicated to fulfill the call on their lives, they have proven themselves faithful to His service, and I want to be part of their support team and reap the eternal benefits from the fruit of their labor for Christ. (See Romans 10:14-15.)

What does my money support?

  • When I give to Life Tender Mercy Home — Guatemala my money supports the daily needs (food, shelter, clothing, medical and dental expenses), child care, and education for the children living at the Life Tender Mercy Home.
  • When I give to Healing And Miracles International my money supports the evangelistic outreaches to win the lost to Christ, to make disciples, to equip national pastors and leaders in the Word so that they can effectively evangelize and disciple their own people, to provide for the needy with food, clothing, shoes, construction materials, school supplies, Bibles and other teaching materials.
  • When I give to David and Becky Dvorak my money supports their daily living expenses as full-time missionaries, so that they can remain on the field and fulfill their calling.

How can I give a tax-deductible donation?

  • Click to DONATE ONLINE.
  • Or you can write a check to Healing And Miracles International and mail to: Healing And Miracles International, P.O. Box 7302,Van Nuys, CA 91409    (And make sure to CLEARLY designate in the memo where the funds are to go.)

Our Promise to You:

  • 100% of your donation goes to where you designate it.
  • Healing And Miracles International, Life Tender Mercy Home — Guatemala, and Author Becky Dvorak will never rent, sell, or borrow your information to other charities or organizations.
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