Becky and David DvorakIn the year 1994, Becky with her husband, David and their 3 biological children, made the journey from Minnesota to Guatemala, Central America to become full-time missionaries.

Together, they worked in the local Churches and taught the people how to evangelize their own nation, managed a mission’s home and short-term mission groups, ministered to the street children, and to the young people in the youth jails, started a Guatemalan foundation to help the children of Guatemala, raised up LIFE Unlimited – Guatemala and built the LIFE Homes for orphaned and abandoned Children and the LIFE Tender Mercy Home for children that were born infected with the HIV Virus, (who are in the process of being healed). Then they turned the LIFE Homes over to national management in 2010.

In the year 1998, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, Becky began to study divine healing, and put into practice what she learned. She witnessed amazing healing and miracles in Guatemala, and began to travel to East Africa in the year 2000. Becky taught, and ministered a bold message of faith and healing to the lost and dying people of that land, and great signs and wonders followed her teachings.

She has witnessed God’s amazing grace for the nations and with a mother’s heart has since nurtured people groups around the world in the Word of God, and in the ways of His Spirit.

In the year 2010, she wrote her first book and in 2011 she signed a contract with Destiny Image Publishers. Her first work, “Dare to Believe” was released in February 2012, and her second work, “Greater Than Magic” was released January 2014. And her third work, The Healing Creed released in 2017.

She resides in Guatemala with her husband, David and their 5 adopted Guatemalan boys, educates her children at home, travels to the nations, ministers in Churches, women’s groups, trains in leadership, holds faith and healing services, seminars, conferences, and crusades, an ministers healing to the sick, equips the Body of Christ about how to live a Spirit-led life and to operate by faith, and she is a content partner with SpiritLed Woman Charisma emagazine, and Voice of the Kingdom emagazine.

Both, David and Becky teach and minister in the Churches world-wide. They equip the body of Christ with their true identity, authority of the believer in Jesus Christ, how to operate by the way of the Spirit,  and activate the power of faith with signs and wonders following.

Along with equipping the Church, they also run short term mission groups to Guatemala and East Africa. Check out their web site for more information @

Together, they have founded Vida Illimitada (foundation, children’s home, and grade school) in Guatemala, and Healing and Miracles International.

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