I can teach you how to be the next one healed. ~Becky Dvorak

It’s an amazing moment to witness the blind see, the deaf hear, the mute speak, the paralytic walk, the dead come to life, autism, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, and many other diseases and ailments healed in the name of Jesus. And I can teach you how to be the next one healed. ~Becky Dvorak

I am a prophetic healing evangelist, and an author about faith for the miraculous. I minister at healing schools, services, seminars, conferences, crusades and media events. LEARN MORE.

Raised From the Dead

15 years ago, we raised our son, Marcos from the dead! By this same faith, he supernaturally received a new heart, lungs, kidneys, and a new brain. READ MORE.

Autism Healed

is anything to difficult for our God? By faith, our son, Andres has been delivered and healed from autism. READ MORE.

Gum Disease Healed

God cares about your well-being. Margie suffered from tooth and gum disease but was instantly healed by faith. READ MORE.

Epilepsy Healed

This little girl suffered for 8 years from epilepsy. Her grandparents brought her to a healing service where she was delivered and healed supernaturally. READ MORE.

Tendinitis Healed

Margie from Hendersonville, TN was healed by faith from tendinitis. READ MORE.

Unborn Baby Healed

Parents were told to abort, but instead Grandma reached out for the prayer of faith. And the unborn child was supernaturally healed in the womb. READ MORE.

Remember, I’m here to help you heal. ~Becky Dvorak

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