• Becky’s books have been life to me. Cynthia, VA (Healed from Brown Recluse Spider Bite.)
  • “If you don’t have this book, Greater Than Magic you need to get it! Betty Hertzler, Harrisonburg, VA (Healed from Parkinson’s disease.)
  • “A man at my church was on dialysis 3 times a week. I prayed for him, gave him your book, Dare to Believe, and a printed copy of your 100 healing scriptures. This week he was told he doesn’t need dialysis anymore and they are taking the pick out of his neck next week. Praise Jesus!!!” Cindy, VA.
  • “I just finished your first book Dare to Believe and you wowed me. Thank you for writing such a wonderful faith-filled book. I saw your listing in Spiritled woman and checked you out... cannot wait to read your second book, Greater than Magic.”  Victoria, FL.


sunset-summer-beauty-golden-hour-mediumYour Faith Makes You Whole

You desire healing, but did you ever stop and think that perhaps God wants to do more than just heal you? Let’s read the following testimony of a woman from the Bible that had an issue of blood. READ MORE.

light-sunset-man-trees-mediumGet Tough With Satan

You and your loved ones have been suffering and feeling defeated for quite some time now. You begin to believe the words of the enemy that continually beat you down. He whispers his dirty lies, that it is too late, there’s no hope, and that it’s over. Sound about right?

You know you do not have to put up with his bullying. God has given you everything you have need of to overcome his wickedness. And sickness and disease are part of his evil ways.         READ MORE.

  • “Your posts thrill me!” Maggie.
  • “Your posts bless me & help increase my faith for healing for myself & for others!” Hope.

Remember, I’m Here to Help You Heal in Jesus’ Name.