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As a healing evangelist, faith healer, prophetic Bible teacher, and an author about faith for the miraculous, I know that you need to tap into the supernatural power of faith to receive your healing, but first you must be taught how to believe. I’m here to teach you how to do just that– believe and receive your miracle, and then release His supernatural power to others. Remember, I’m here to help you heal.


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  • Tessa from MN writes and shares this wonderful praise report, “Becky, a few months back I brought my mom who was in a wheelchair, we sat at the front. (DARE to Believe Healing Service) One of the things you prayed for her was (healing) from lung cancer….the tests today showed it completely gone!!” 5/1/14

  • Mercy Adella from AZ writes to testify. “Thursday, I learned my mom was in ICU with a stroke in the Philippines and was not doing good. I used the prayer in your book, DARE to Believe, found on  page 105 repeatedly and learned the next day that she was going to be release. Now she is in recovery…this is the shortest time she spent in ICU and she will be release on Tuesday.”
  • An artist was blind in one eye, he came forward to receive healing so that he could continue to sculpt. He was instantly healed and could see once again. Oct 7, 12 @ Transforming Life Church, Monticello, FL.    CLICK to Read More