As a healing evangelist, faith healer, prophetic Bible teacher, and an author about faith for the miraculous, I know that you need to tap into the supernatural power of faith to receive your healing, but first you must learn how to believe. I’m here to teach you how to do just that– believe and receive your miracle, and then release His healing power to others. Remember, I’m here to help you heal.




Actual Healing Testimonies


  • A girl suffered with great pain because her hip grew out of joint, and her leg was several inches shorter than the other and she had flat feet. She, along with her mother put faith into action and came forward to receive a miracle. The Lord was ever so gentle with this little girl and in a few minutes her hip was recreated and back in its rightful position, her leg grew out and she no longer had flat feet. She could sit, stand, bend, dance, jump with no pain. Cahabon, Guatemala 4/19/2015
  • A young boy with a painful hernia in his groin receives his healing instantly and lifts his hands in praise to Jesus. Cahabon, Guatemala 4/19/2015
  •  A pastor in Belize was blind, but now sees! 3/21/15
  • A woman in Phoenix, AZ suffered complete deafness in one ear due to a tumor, but as hands were laid upon her she immediately received her hearing! 3/7/15
  • A woman in downtown Phoenix came to the healing service very sick from a fungus on the brain, spine, kidneys and lungs, in great pain and using a walker. We renounced this wicked disease and the terrible symptoms that it produced. She was instantly healed, pain free and started to walk around the Church without the use of a walker or any assistance. Glory to God! 3/7/15
  • In Bridgeport, CT 2 women receive healing from dry eyes and both produced natural tears immediately! 2/15/15
  • A sweet young lady in Bridgeport, CT wore hearing aids, but jumped up and down for joy when she realized she had been completely healed in Jesus’ name. 2/15/15

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Have you ever asked yourself:

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, or have other questions concerning supernatural healing then you are int he right place.




“For I will restore health to you
and heal you of your wounds,’ says the Lord.”

Jeremiah 30:17 NKJV