Healed From a Wheelchair

Victoria from KY writes to testify and says, “I really did not understand healing until I was healed from being in a wheelchair for 6 years. I just believed with all my heart that I was healed and that was in 2012. And I am still out of the wheelchair! Read the rest of her testimony.



Tendinitis Healed

Margie from Hendersonville, TN writes to testify of her physical healing. She says, “I had been to the ER that day, they said tendinitis. I couldn’t lift my arm (using my shoulder) as much as 3 inches in any direction. The doc gave me a strong anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxers. I had both in me when I saw you. … Click to read what happened.


Gum Disease Healed

Margie from Ocala, Florida suffered from severe gum disease. She could not eat or even touch her teeth lightly together without serious pain. During a healing service, she put her faith into action, and started to bite down on her teeth. Her gums and teeth were instantly healed in Jesus’ name.


 Learning Disability Healed Overnight

We tend to make the things of God so complicated that it is difficult for people to believe. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and in all honesty it shouldn’t be. When we mature in our faith we will return to the sweet surrender of the childlike faith that He desires from us. We will believe and do what He says because we trust Him. READ THIS WONDERFUL TESTIMONY of this little girl who had learning disabilities, but prayed to God for help, and the next morning she could read.


Brown Recluse Spider Bite Healed

Watch Cynthia’s testimony. She was supernaturally healed from a Brown Recluse Spider bite.



God bless you and your ministry, and thank you so much for listening to the Holy Spirit! Your obedience has been used to help me and my family see things so much simpler and clearer. Thank you 1,000,000 times for this. Erica, VA.

Where to Put Your Trust for Healing

We trust someone or something for our healing. Let’s make sure our trust is in the right place. Watch to find out where it should be.

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