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Oppressed or Possessed with Demons of Sickness?

In response to my last post, Take Authority Over a Spirit of Death, Karen writes and asks, “How do you know if a person has an evil spirit or if they are biologically ill or (in the case of a Christian) walking in the flesh rather than the Spirit?” Karen, this is a great question, and an important one for us to understand. READ MORE.

suit of armor and swordTake Authority Over a Spirit of Death

While  I was ministering in Malawi, East Africa during a healing campaign a demon-possessed lady came to me on bended knee. I reached out to touch her when all of a sudden the demonic spirits within her began to scream obscenities at me.

I rapidly sized up the situation, READ MORE.

someone writingSeizures Stop by Speaking the Word

I have been teaching you the power of the spoken word and encouraging you to write up a confession of faith for healing and to speak it out over you and your loved ones daily.

Well, I love the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Not only does it heal the physical body, but the life of the person is forever changed. As is the case with one of my regular readers of the daily devotional sent via email. READ MORE.

What People Are Saying 12282909_10208243554187001_1436246954_n

“God bless you and your ministry, and thank you so much for listening to the Holy Spirit! Your obedience has been used to help me and my family see things so much simpler and clearer. Thank you 1,000,000 times for this.” Erica, VA.

“I just finished your first book Dare to Believe and you wowed me. Thank you for writing such a wonderful faith-filled book. I saw your listing in Spiritled woman and checked you out... cannot wait to read your second book, Greater than Magic.”       Victoria, FL.

“Thank you , thank you thank you!!!!! I received my book today. I can’t wait to read it. I pray that God will bless you in mighty ways because you bless and  encourage His people. May He grant you your greatest desires. Thank you for pouring into my life.” Love,  Sheron, GA.

“Becky’s books have been life to me.” Cynthia, VA

“Thank you Becky it is such a blessing to have a ministry of healing so available, God Bless you.” Doris, MD.

“Like the man you talked about today …I have a hard time swallowing …I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago…lately I have this swallowing problem and am very thin. I know God wants me well …trying to learn from Him how to receive this healing. Any advice? I’d love to hear from you …your posts thrill me!” Maggie.

 Remember, I’m Here to Help You Heal in Jesus’ Name.