21-Day Fast for 2024

Welcome to My 21-Day Daniel Fast Using My Book, The Waves of Healing GLORY.

*(This page will be added to daily as we move through this fast together.)

Purpose for Fast

To prepare yourself spiritually, to cleanse yourself from the world’s oppression and possession of the mind and emotions so that we can be who we are to be, kings and priests for God activating His power in these latter days.

Main Scripture for Fast

I have not departed from the commandment of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth MORE than my necessary food, Job 23:12. NKJV.


Before Fast

Have your food list planned out and read Chapter 1 before Day #1.


  • Bible
  • The WAVES of Healing Glory Book
  • Notebook / Journal


  • Fruit, Vegetables, water, tea, natural juices


  • Drink half your weight in ounces of water.


  • Meat
  • Chips, cookies, candies, added sugar and salt.
  • Breads, Noodles, Rice
  • Soda Pop, alcoholic beverages, Caffeinated Beverages

DAY #1

Chapter 2 – A Life-Expression of Worship

  • Read Pages 29-40
  • Do: Pages 38-40 – Build Your Sanctuary for God.

WATCH: *Day 1 of 21-Day Daniel Fast (rumble.com)

DAY #3

Chapter 3 – Repent From the Sin of Compromise

  • Read Pages 64-67.

WATCH: Day 3 of 21-Day Daniel Fast. Sin of Compromise (rumble.com)

DAY #5

Chapter 3 – The Sin of Entitlement

  • Read Pages 70-72.
  • If you want to be free from this sin of entitlement begin to implement the list of 7 principles found on pages 71-72.

WATCH: Day 5 of 21-Day Daniel Fast. The Sin of Entitlement. (rumble.com)

DAY #7

Chapter 3 – The Sin of Abortion

  • Read Pages 74-77.
  • If you ever had an abortion, entertained the idea of having an abortion, assisted someone to an abortion clinic, performed an abortion, voted for or financially supported the abortion cause then you are just as guilty as the woman who had an abortion. This sin needs to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus.

DAY #9

*Due to circumstances out of my control, I was blocked from entering into my own website. I still do not know who was blocking me, or why, but the good news is that we found a way back in. Sorry for the inconvenience.


DAY #11

Chapter 3 Plunge into the Deep Waters of Repentance

Read pages 88-92.

Begin to Implement the 5 Ways to Activate Your Personal Bible Study found on page 89.

And Develop a Lifestyle of Prayer by activating these 4 steps on pages 89-90.

Watch: Day 11 of 21-Day Daniel Fast. Live Like You Believe. (rumble.com)

DAY #13

Chapter 4 How to Escape to Higher Ground

Read pages 102-103. Raise the Standard of the Blood.

DAY #15

Chapter 4 How to Escape to Higher Ground

Read pages 105-109. Use the Power of His Name.

DAY #17

Chapter 6 The Last Days Harvest

Read pages 133-165. Use the Power of His Name.

*I pray that you will see the Lost through the eyes of the Father, and tell them, and show them the way to Salvation in Jesus’ name.

DAY #19

Chapter 8 The Healing Power of God’s Love

Read pages 195-219.

*Take this to prayer, “Do I really believe that God loves me unconditionally?”

Do the Faith Assignment on page 217.

DAY #21

Chapter 10 Surrendering Our Weakness and Strength to Him

Read pages 237-249.

*Do the Personal Assessment on page 249.

Chapter 11 The Church is Breaking Out!

Read pages 251-269.

Do Faith Assignment on page 266.


**And beginning tomorrow, be kind to your body and slowly add normal foods to your body. **

Day #2

Chapter 3 — Plunge Into the Deep Waters of Repentance

Read pages 57-64

Watch: Day 2 of 21-Day of Daniel Fast (rumble.com)

Day #4

Chapter 3 — The Sin of Holding on to a Familiar Spirit

Read pages 67-70.

Watch: Day 4 of 21-Day Daniel Fast. Prayer to Break Free from Familiar Spirit (rumble.com)

Day #6

Chapter 3 — The Sin of Pride

  • Read pages 72-74.
  • If you struggle with this weakness of pride and want to change begin to put into practice the list of 6 steps to be free on page 73.

Watch: Day 6 of 21-Day Daniel Fast. Get Free from Pride. (rumble.com)

Day #8

Chapter 3 — The Sin of Racism

  • Read pages 77-85.
  • There is no room in the life of a Christian for racism. This must be dealt with!

Day #10

Chapter 3 — The Sin or Danger of Reprobate Mind.

  • Read pages 85-88.
  • This is a serious matter and needs to be dealt with. For help, read through the 7 Steps to Freedom, and put them into practice immediately.

Day #12

Chapter 4 — How to Escape to Higher Ground.

  • Read pages 97-102.
  • To help you with your prayer life I have a list of 8 areas that you can begin to pray about on a daily basis. You can find this list on pages 101-102.

Watch: Day 12 of 21-Day Daniel Fast. Let Your Will Be Done. (rumble.com)

Day #14

Chapter 4 — How to Escape to Higher Ground.

  • Read pages 103-104. Recognize the Enemy.

Day #16

Chapter 5 — God Expects Us to Speak the Truth.

I pray that you will strengthen your faith in the Word of God, be bold and speak the truth about our Lord, and demonstrate your words with acts of love and compassion for those around you. I pray that during this 21-Day Daniel Fast that you will be emboldened to be used by God in these latter days. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Day #18

Chapter 7 — Revive and Come Alive Again

  • Read pages 167-193.
  • Put into practice the 4 steps I have listed for you on page 186. They will help you to develop a strong relationship with God.

Day #20

Chapter 9 — We Cannot Remain Silent

  • Read pages 221-236.
  • Examine your heart, and ask yourself, “Am I willing to take a stand?”
  • Do the Faith Assignment on page 234.
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