A Gift of Reconciliation

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A Gift of Reconciliation

A gift of reconciliation wrapped with unconditional love, tied with a beautiful white bow of forgiveness may be the perfect gift given to the undeserving one this Christmas.

Perhaps, the receiver will be slow to open this most precious gift, but the giver needs to dare to believe and offer the gift.

And once the gift is ready to give, the giver needs to cut all ties of conditions so that the gift can be free to give to receive.

We are the receivers of such a gift, the unconditional love of the Father. Its gift wrap is flowing with crimson, adorning a bow of forgiveness and is waiting under His tree to freely receive.

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  • Linda Ryan

    I love the way you build people and our Lord up through social media. You are a blessing and an example.

    • Becky Dvorak

      Thanks for your kind words Linda! I believe that we can utilize the internet for the good of all and uplift people with the “Good News” that with God there is always hope for the future. :O)

  • Scott Sholar

    God bless you and Happy New Year.

  • Blanche Bobowski

    What an awesome gift! God is such a God of Love! ❣.
    Thank you for stating it in such a perfect way!

    • Becky Dvorak

      ‘Tis the season to forgive!

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