A Tsunami Wave of Healing

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In a vision the Lord showed me on January 7, 2012,  a tsunami wave of supernatural healing hitting the Western world. He said, “No longer will people say, “Why doesn’t divine healing manifest here?”

A wave of divine healing is overtaking the West. Expect to get wet!

But along with this wave will be a strong undertow of unbelief that will try to pull you away. Don’t allow satan the liberty to pull you under. Rise to the top and believe.

This wave is different than before. It won’t be in isolated locations with pockets of people receiving. This wave will manifest in all places and to all people.

Ministers of healing are rising to the top of this wave. Not only will we minister healing, but we also will equip others to ride the wave.

The blind see, the deaf hear, the mute speak, the paralytics walk, incurable disease are healed and the dead rise. Unusual types of miracles are also in this wave–and it has arrived to the Western shores.

Don’t be afraid of this Living Water. It’s what you have been waiting for. This powerful tsunami wave overtakes and heals all who are willing to step in and get wet.


This Word of the Lord can be found in Greater Than Magic, Chapter 15, page 164.

Becky Dvorak is a healing minister and the Destiny Image author of DARE to Believe and Greater Than Magic. Visit her at authorbeckydvorak.com

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  • Christy Tountas

    Please ad me to prayer list.
    Healing of thyroid and cirulation, all symptoms included.
    I believe by Jesus stripes I am healed.
    And my children are restored on relationship with Jesus.

    Also check out my Christian children’s book based on my personal relationship with God, growing in Him.
    Cricket Corners, by Christy Yount as

    • Becky Dvorak

      Hello Christy,
      I recommend that you write up a confession of faith for your healing, and confess it everyday. Words have the power to create or to destroy. Use your words wisely. Prov. 18:21.

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