Is Jesus Willing to Heal?

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You believe Jesus is able to heal, but are not sure if He is willing to heal you. Watch to find out what the Bible has to say about His willingness to heal you.

Becky Dvorak is a healing minister and the Destiny Image author of DARE to Believe and Greater Than Magic. Visit her at

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  • David

    I have pleaded for years that God would heal my addiction.
    I have prayed the promise in Joel 2:32 so many times.
    But still nothing

    • Becky Dvorak

      Hello David, Addictions can be complicated, usually it is an inner healing of the mind and emotions that need to be healed, and deliverance from demonic spirits of addictions that have latched onto the person. But the bottom line is that God gives us a free will. Your words and actions need to line up to the Word of God to be free from addictions. Here is an article that I wrote earlier that I pray will help you in your road to freedom in Jesus Christ.


  • Astrid Deetlefs

    Hi Becky,

    We live in Namibia and I just wanted to find out if your books are available as downloads or ebooks. I am very, very interested in the healing through Christ but am a bit shy just to go out there and try it….I would like to learn a bit more. A download version of your book would be a great help. Thanking you Astrid

    • Becky Dvorak

      They are available in Kindle.

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