Unborn Baby Healed

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Unborn Baby Healed

A concerned grandmother contacted me to ask for prayer for her unborn granddaughter. We joined our faith together and prayed for a miracle, and a baby was miraculously healed while still in the womb. The doctor ran a second ultrasound to confirm what he had just seen in the first, a large cancerous mass that was the length of the back and almost as wide and spots on the brain completely gone! Even this doctor recognized that there is a “Great Physician” and this was a miracle and gave the credit to prayer. With God nothing is impossible!

Mark 10:27 And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

Becky Dvorak is a prophetic healing evangelist and the Destiny Image author of DARE to Believe and Greater Than Magic. Visit her at authorbeckydvorak.com.

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  • Kim

    I had witchcraft done to me years ago, about 6 years. I am still suffering. I am not well. Also a pastor did a Hindu deliverance on me. My mind is in turmoil. I have also been abused. I can hardly function and my family has fallen apart. I cannot take more. There us a ministry that can help but they are into hebrew roots. I do not know if this is another gospel , another Jesus.

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