How to Walk Out a Progressive Healing

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Many people struggle to know how to respond when their healings do not manifest immediately. Here are some keys to walking out these progressive healings.

  1. Submit and Resist.

James 4:7 gives us the first key, “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

  • Submit to God.
  • Resist the devil.
  • The devil will flee from you.

Submission is a matter of the heart; it’s having the right attitude toward God and His Word. We can obey God and still not be submissive because obedience is an act, while submission is an attitude. Resisting is also a matter of the heart. In this case it’s a decision to refuse to surrender to the enemy’s thoughts of doubt and unbelief toward God and His Word. When we submit to God and resist the devil, he will flee from us.

A Personal Testimony

I was in Lilongwe, Malawi stepping off the bus to walk to healing campaign to minister healing to the people. But as soon as my foot touched the ground an excruciating pain shot through my knee along with many other symptoms. The closer I came to the platform the worse it became. The symptoms of the people started to jump all over my physical body.

I immediately cried out to God in my heart for His strength and healing from all the symptoms of pain and sickness that suddenly came upon me. And as I taught the Word, and declared to the people the specific healings according to the symptoms that manifested on my body the people were healed and the symptoms left my body as well. Everyone, except for one, my knee.

What did I do?

I did not exalt the enemy by voicing this attack with moans and groans and telling everyone that came into my presence about the pain I was in. Instead, I continued to thank the Lord that He was my healer. Was this difficult? Yes.  But it was a quality decision that released my healing.

When my husband heard my bone rubbing on bone and asked me if that was my knee, I answered him, “In Jesus’ name, my knee is healed.” The Bible is very clear that we are to declare things that are not as though they already are. Romans 4:17 says, “(as it is written, “I have made you a father of many nations”) in the presence of Him whom he believed—God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did;”

This is faith talk. And many Christians seem to have a problem with this. Some say it is lying. No, it’s using the creative force of the tongue that God has given to us. Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” It’s putting trust in God’s promise to heal us, and not in the pain and sickness.

It sounds radical I know. But it is exactly how our God is, and how He operates. And He instructs us in and throughout His word to do the same.

I could have easily given into this physical attack on my body. My five senses and human reasoning were warring against my confession of faith for the healing of my knee. The enemy didn’t want me healed, so he fought me. Other people were questioning me because they could hear bones rubbing against one another as I walked. But I chose to be like Abraham in Romans 4 and did not exalt the enemy’s evil or the pain, but declared the glory of my healer, Jesus Christ.

It took a few days, but with each pain-filled step I thanked the Lord that my knee was healed, and my cartilage was recreated, every bone, muscle, ligament, tendon and nerve in my knee was brand new for the glory of my God.

With every step I resisted the curse of the enemy. He grew weary of my persistence to submit to God and to trust in His healing promise, and he gave up. He released his grip on my knee. He fled from me, and the recreation of my knee manifested.

This is how we walk out James 4:7, and submit to our God, resist our enemy, the devil, and see him flee from us, and witness our miracle manifest.


Becky Dvorak is a healing evangelist and the Destiny Image author of DARE to Believe, Greater Than Magic, and The Healing Creed. Visit her at

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Showing 11 comments
  • Blanche Bobowski

    Thanks Becky! I needed to hear this Word today!

    • Becky Dvorak

      Yes, we all need to be reminded. :O)

  • Heidi Maxted

    Yes thank you for this powerful teaching and witness.

  • Miche'

    Recently I prayed for two people who were sick, one was in ICU and the other one at home, however, they both passed on. I cried to the Lord asking Him where I missed the point. I’m still seeking His face for the answer.

    However, I realised what you have stated that we need to feel our hearts with the word of God on divine healing before we can pray for others.

    • Becky Dvorak

      Yes, Miche we do need to fill our hearts with the Word of God to strengthen our faith to believe for these things. Not being privy to this particular situation I can’t reply exactly. But, I do know that we need to keep in mind that we cannot override the will of another person in these matters. This is why when I am ministering to people in a life and death situation I ask them privately what do they want. Now, if they cannot respond because they are in a coma then it is our faith that activates healing on their behalf. And you also have to take into consideration that these people have family members that may not be in agreement with your faith, and therefore, may be speaking words of death, and taking action in the direction of death such as funeral preparations… There is a lot going on in these situations.

  • Blanche Bobowski

    The Lord showed me something as I read His Word this morning from the great faith chapter in Hebrews 11. We know it was by faith that Abraham, even though he was past age, and Sarah, who had always in the past could not conceive a child, had a child at age 90 years of age. How did God’s will become manifested? It was BECAUSE they considered or believed that God was FAITHFUL who had made the promise to them! We too must see and hold on to the belief that God who promises us wholeness/healing WILL DO what He says He has promised to do! Jesus said His part was “finished”! Amen! And Amen! So be it Lord Jesus! ? Thank you Lord that your promises ARE true! We continue to consider your truths!

    • Becky Dvorak

      Amen, Blanche!

  • Jennifer

    I have been believing and trying to walk out my healing. It’s hard when you don’t see anything happening. How do you overcome discouragement and win the victory?

    • Becky Dvorak

      Pray in the Spirit, continue in the healing word, do not allow yourself to enter into the realm of self-pity. It’s all a choice. And continue to declare that by His stripes you are healed in Jesus’ name. This is how you wear the devil out and he will flee.

  • Pablo


    Thank you Becky for this testimony! I feel like your testimony was catered to me, since I was having the same knee manifestations. My knee problems started when I really said in my heart ” I really really want give my all to Lord…. Like never before….” That’s when all went all went downhill​ from my physical pain in my knees, problems for my family members, etc…..I knew in my spirit this was a war by the Enemy because I was going all of out for Good. In summary, I confessed that by Jesus stripes we are healed….commanded my knees n Jesus name to be restored…my faith has grown. I stood up to my doctor and confessed ” I do not receive the beginnings of arthritis because my God heals…” X-ray of my knees came out negative, so no arthritis…this passed May 9, I took MRI to rule out soft tissue damages…while I was in the MRI machine I confessed my faith and professed that i am healed in Jesus name that no damage will show….waiting for the miraclous results in Jesus name

    • Becky Dvorak

      Pablo, hold onto your confession of faith, “By His stripes my knee is recreated. My knee functions perfectly well in Jesus’ name.” No matter what, speak those things that are not as through they already were. Also, be careful not to moan and groan these too are a form of vocabulary and have a negative meaning to them. Blessings, Becky

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