Where to Put Your Trust for Healing

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When it comes to healing there are different areas where we can put our faith, but with some of these choices we can misplace our faith. So, where do you put your trust for healing? Watch to find out if your trust is in the right place.


Becky Dvorak is a healing minister and the Destiny Image author of DARE to Believe and Greater Than Magic. Visit her at authorbeckydvorak.com.


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  • Maggie

    Your teachings bless me so much, Becky…thank you!

    • Becky Dvorak

      I’m glad I can be a source of encouragement for you.

  • mary

    Dear Becky:

    You stated that we have misplaced trust and that could be a reason why we don’t receive our healing. Do you believe that God uses doctors and medicines at all? I don’t want to do something stupid and not use medical help that might be useful, but I do want it to be directed by God if that is the way He might choose. Or, do you believe it is an all or nothing kind of thing; sort of black and white thinking. I am just asking for clarification.

    Bless you,

    • Becky Dvorak

      Hello Mary, You ask a smart question. God uses doctors too. The point is, where is your faith? If our faith is in the areas mentioned in the video then we have misplaced faith. God will meet you where you are at. I hope this helps clarify for you. Hugs, Becky

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