The other day I was sitting on a plane that was returning to the gate because it was too heavy to lift off the ground. The airline company was asking for volunteers to de-board the plane and take the next flight that evening to Guatemala instead. Five of us volunteered. We were well compensated for any inconvenience.  I was to find out that God had a much broader plan in mind than just a mere $800 voucher for my next trip. I was about to have lunch with Jesus and a few other guests, and I was being asked to be a witness.

There was an older man in the group, named Santi who was loud, offensive, controlling and obviously very angry with God.  I had to fine-tune my spiritual ears to hear above his rough speech and listen to his underlying message.  I gave him permission to share his opinions and I said that I would listen to him.

He said he had visited many denominations in his lifetime and basically was turned off by the hypocrisy that he saw. He claimed he read the Bible once all-the- way- through about 30 years ago, and tried to persuade me that it wasn’t true.  He knew a little bit of Church history and was well versed in its fallen leaders, but clearly had no understanding of the Scriptures. He would ask me questions, but really didn’t want me to answer him, but I did anyways. He would mock everything I said, except for my testimonies. My testimonies silenced his critical tongue and made him extremely uncomfortable, but after a while he turned to me and said about my testimonies, “That’s true faith.”

A young woman, named Katherine in her early twenties was with us, and she shared that she was raised in the Church, but was hurt by the Church as a child and said she was agnostic.  As I listened to her I felt I should apologize on behalf of the Church for her pain, and I did. As she listened to Santi and I share our beliefs this agnostic young woman was verbally agreeing with me and said, “I too believe in a triune God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” She admitted that she was searching.

The other woman in the group was named Elizabeth and confessed that she believed in Jesus, but believed it was best not to talk about “religion”, but she interrupted Santi several times and disagreed with his unbelief. She made it very clear that she believed in Jesus.

I’m not offended by Santi’s harsh words. The truth of the matter is that he is not against me, but against Jesus in me, and he detests the hypocrisy that he sees within the Church. In all honesty, I can look beyond his arrogant nature and see with my spiritual eyes a hurting and lost man that needs the love of God.

I made it very clear that I was not a believer in religion, but a believer in relationship with Jesus Christ. God created us with a free will to follow Him or to deny Him. There is a heaven and a hell, and those that choose to deny Him will go to hell.

So, I pray for Santi and Katherine that both will surrender and give all their hurt and bitterness to Jesus in exchange for healing and peace and everlasting life with Jesus Christ in heaven. And that Elizabeth will learn to speak up and share her faith in Jesus, and be a witness to those around her. Amen.


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