A Cancerous tumor is gone! Now, this is newsworthy for today. And we should all celebrate with this dear sister in the Lord. Let’s read her testimony and find out what happened. What steps did she take for this cancerous tumor to be gone?

“Becky and Team,

I love your ministry! I discovered you on Sid Roth just a few months ago and my life has changed and I am healed because of your faithfulness and the grace of God! I will be in Salisbury, NC later this month and I pray I will be able to spend a few minutes chatting with you. I desire with all of my heart to minister as you do. I have read “The Prophetic and Healing Power of Your Words”, “DARE to Believe”, and I am reading “Greater Than Magic” now.

I have walked with the Lord since 1998, but only received the Holy Spirit just a couple of months ago. Oh my, what I have missed out on all of these years! The revelations the Holy Spirit is revealing to  me is nothing short of miraculous. I want to grow, to help others heal their broken bodies, their broken spirits and their broken hearts. Fear keeps us from moving “In Him”. And I for one want to shout from the rooftops that we as His Body don’t have to walk in that place of darkness any longer. I want to be used for His glory. Will you pray and help me?

I have read hundreds of Christian books and yours, by far, have touched my spirit like no other. I am on fire for God and want to be used mightily by Him. Enclosed you will find some cards I had written and printed. I am handing them out at cancer treatment centers, (where I have had treatment). But I know I am healed in Jesus’ name.” 9/5/2019

Do you hear this woman’s excitement leap off the page? I do, and for good reason. This is what she shares, “There is hope! Prayer coupled with belief is powerful. I know. I prayed the healing prayer…with all of my heart and the very next day a protruding cancerous tumor on my neck disappeared!”

Let’s look at what happened for this woman to go from a protruding cancerous tumor on her neck to the next day it being gone.

1. She stirred her faith for the miraculous by watching the following show, Sid Roth–It’s Supernatural!.

2. She received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and prays in tongues.

3. She read my books and developed her faith for the miraculous.

4. She prayed a prayer of faith for her healing.

5. She is solidifying her healing by testifying about it to others.

And if she can do this, so can you.

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27 thoughts on “A Cancerous Tumor is Gone!

  1. Dear sister Becky, if you would please join me in prayer for brother John, Assistant to Pastor Tom. Brother John had a hernia operation on Wednesday, nobody could contact him Friday and Saturday. This morning I believe Tom and some parishioners broke into his house and found him unresponsive on his couch. He has been in the ER and is heading to ICU with kidney failure, Low blood sugar, sepsis, internal bleeding, and possibly more. In Jesus name I say that, “Brother John shall not die but live and declare the glorious works of the Lord!”
    Thank you dear Becky! Gail

    1. Gail,
      In the name of Jesus’ I renounce this spirit of premature death over him. I release the Spirit of Life to flow in and throughout his entire being. I speak recreation of his kidneys, and renounce internal bleeding, low blood sugar… I declare total life and healing and restoration over him in Jesus’ name, amen and amen.

      1. Do you sister Becky, Brother John just went through surgery for a nicked bladder, and at this point is resting very well. Kidney recovery has been extremely good if not excellent, I believe blood sugar normal and hopefully everything else returning to normal. I have continued to pray along with many others, and put a hedge of protection around him. His was an extremely dangerous situation that has turned around for the glory of God! Thank you for your prayers, and I love to read them and join in Unity with you for others! With love, Gail

        1. Dear sister Becky, it seems that the enemy is not done with brother John. Tom says that he is insisting on going home to be with his cats even though he is very weak and needs at least a week of therapy. They are trying to reason with him at this time. I don’t know the reason for his irrational thinking, but I know that it is not from the Lord, so I have been praying Luke 8:29, 35. “For He had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man… Then they went out to see what had happened, and came back to Jesus, and found a man from whom the demons had departed sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed and in his right mind. Thank you! Gail

          1. Gail,
            In the name of Jesus’ I curse this unclean spirit to come out of John and that he is healed and made whole in spirit, soul, and in physical body too, amen and amen. **Speak LIFE and nothing else to him and over him. Hugs, Becky :O)

          2. Thank you so much Becky. Brother John is doing extremely well. The Lord brought him great healing. I continue to pray for brother John that his memory and brain function is completely healed in Jesus name.

  2. Becky , i need your prayer my eyes got floaters i can see a cluster of water bubble floating i tried praying many times it does not seem to go away. also my throat got cyst and it hurts when you swallow food down.. my ear got tinitus (ringing ear). i am very stress about my physical ailment.

    Appreciate your prayer, Thanking you in advance, may God bless you and your ministry in Jesus name Amen


    1. Jeremy, in the name of Jesus’ I renounce these floaters and clusters to be gone. I curse them and tell them to line up to the Word of God and be healed and made whole for the glory of the Lord, amen and amen.

    2. Dear Becky
      I was watching you at Sid Roth. I went to the eye doctor on Sept 3rd and after the exame he said my eyes special the left one are damaged bc of the sun where I am working without sun glasses only a big hat.He said in 4 months January month he want to see me again.Will appreciated prayer pls sister Becky. I have been praying since that day every day .Help me in faith
      Thank you

      1. Maria,
        In the name of Jesus I release the creative miracle working power of the Holy Spirit to flow in and out of your eyes, and all the damage from the sun be healed for the glory of God, amen.

      2. Dear Becky
        I am a HIV positive and since I know yr prayers I have been speak as much as I can .
        Sister Becky will you pray for me in agreement and on the 23 of October I am going back to the clinic for the results.
        Than you for yr amazing work that you do. May the Lord bless you with all the blessings in yr life …

  3. Good Morning Becky. I have had a number of health issues to deal with since June and now have anxiety and lots of trouble sleeping (insomnia). My cortisol level is believed to be very high and has been for quite some time – probably since June and can cause long term problems if not brought under control. My sleeping has improved somewhat with a sleep aid but will need to come off of them at some time soon. Kindly assist me in praying over my situation. I do believe in the healing power of Jesus and have been praying over my situation since this all started. Would really appreciate some help. Thank you Cindy

    1. Dear Cindy, now that you’ve given the negative report, let’s focus on the report of the Lord that declares by His healing stripes you are healed and made whole. Your mind is at peace and you are able to sleep .

    1. Kindra,
      In the name of Jesus’ I speak to your spine to be realigned. Every vertebra, disc, muscle, ligament, tendon and nerve and nerve ending be realigned. I speak to the cells in your brain, the worn out ones be recreated, and the chemical system of your body be balanced, and it all works together to produce life and life in abundance without pain in Jesus’ name, amen.

  4. Since my divorce, evil has pervaded my home and my body. Financially strapped, there are leaky pipes and a furnace that doesn’t work. My health has suffered, despite my daily prayers. My sight is failing, hearing failing, kidneys and liver shutting down and my skin has blisters and itchy rashes. I pray, “ In the mighty Name of Jesus, I renounce the premature curse of death. I command, in the name of Jesus, that all organs have been renewed, eyes and ears function perfectly, and my body has no disease. No disease can live in my body by the fire of God, each cell dries up and is eliminated, not to return. Further, by the stripes of Jesus, every organ in my body has been renewed. By His blood I am healthy and strong and have abundant life. I praise Jesus for fighting for my health. Amen, Amen, and Amen. Thank you Jesus.”

    1. Dearest Theresa,
      After reading your post above this is what you need to be prophesying over yourself and don’t even speak the rest any more. I say this because our words are producing life or death and you need to prophesy life and resurrection, healing and creative miracles over every area of you life, including your physical body.
      “ In the mighty Name of Jesus, I renounce the premature curse of death. I command, in the name of Jesus, that all organs have been renewed, eyes and ears function perfectly, and my body has no disease. No disease can live in my body by the fire of God, each cell dries up and is eliminated, not to return. Further, by the stripes of Jesus, every organ in my body has been renewed. By His blood I am healthy and strong and have abundant life. I praise Jesus for fighting for my health. Amen, Amen, and Amen. Thank you Jesus.”

  5. Dear Becky, I am having a constant back pain since 2 years now and I am praying and fasting for that pain to disappear. I also request a prayer for anything that is causing that pain to disappear as well from my body.
    I know and I claim that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ at the Cross is enough for my body to be completely well from my blood to the rest of my organs in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you.


    1. Namon,
      In Jesus’ name I renounce this pain in your back. I command your spine to be realigned to the Word of the Lord that declares by His stripes you are healed. I speak to every vertebrae, disc, ligament, tendon, nerve and nerve ending to move back into their rightful position for the glory of the Lord, amen and amen.

  6. I want to give this testimony to the Glory of God and to the shame of the devil. I requested for prayers a few months ago, about my posrate that was enlarged.
    After the request I went back for another test and it went down from 7.6 to 4.2. Please continue to remember me in your prayers so that my prostate will return to its natural size I.J

    1. What a wonderful report! Now you continue to speak to the prostate, and not about it, but to it in the name of Jesus. “In Jesus’ name, prostate you are normal and healthy, amen.”

    2. Amen Becky, I answer amen and amen to this prayer and I am confident that Jesus Christ has taken away this pain.

      Thank you so much and may the glory be to our precious and wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.

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