Dates for the Airing of My Interview on Sid Roth’s — It’s Supernatural!

18 thoughts on “Dates for the Airing of My Interview on Sid Roth’s — It’s Supernatural!

  1. Hello Becky,
    Thnks to Sid and ISN, I came to know you and how is God using you to build His Kingdom and empower His people, thanks for sharing this powerfull message.

    I whatced the episode twice and took notes and started to apply the principles and the prayer right away.

    My mother has been diagnosed with a tumor in her female parts only a couple of weeks ago and the doctors wanted to remove everything. The procedure was already planned for 11.2.2020.

    As soon as I received news of the problem I started prayng and asking the Lord to glorify His name and give a powerful testimony of His mercy, love and power accordinf to 1Pt 1: 24 and prayed also according to Mk 16:17-20 and using many more passages of the scripture, I also wrote an email to many brothers and sisters in Christ in our community to pray for my mother an proclaim full healing without need of human intervention and I have specifically give them instruction tu curse the tumor so that it will dry like the fig Jeusus cursed in the account of the Gospels, and ask for full healing without surgery.

    Consequentely my mother’s situation become critical all of a sudden, and she was urgentely hospitalized and after putting her through several exams the doctors had planned a surgery to remove the problem.

    The morning the procedure was suppose to be done (11.2.2020), just a couple of minutes after I finished my morning prayers / fight the phone rang and there was my mom telling me that the doctors sent her home, that the surgery was canceld because there were som critical surgeries during the night hence there was no intensive care room avalaible for my mom, for after the surgery.
    I saw a powerful intervention of the Lord, althoug the doctor said that she had to come back to the hospital for the surgery on the 24th. I promptely went to pick her up in hospital, now she is home but she is suffering and not healed yet, the doctors have already arrenged the procedure for the 25th of February.

    We believe in a miraculous intervention of the Lord because I know and firmely believe that He has already provided healing and wants her to be completely healed.

    My mothers name is Eleonora and I would like to ask you to join us in this fight, you are obvously operating at a completely different level, so please I ask you to command this large tumor between her left ovary and uterus together with all other problems, symptoms and causes that are so badly affecting my mother’s health, to dry, disappear and leave her life and body for good and asking the Spirit of life to take control and restore all cells, tissues and organs for the glory of Jesus.

    Thank you very much.


    1. Sam, in the name of Jesus’ I curse this tumor at its seed and command it to supernaturally dry up at the roots and be eliminated from her body. I speak to her female organs to line up to Isaiah 53:4-5 and by His healing whips she is healed and made whole, tumor-free for the glory of the Lord, amen.

  2. Dear Becky, what an awesome interview with Sid Roth and all for Gods glory! This has given me hope for my 37 year old daughter Awhina, whom for the last 4 years has been battling chronic depression. Seeing the advice you gave the father of the epileptic child and how to specifically pray for their situation is very encouraging. My daughter has gone from chronic depression to another level, where she says she sees people day and night harassing her. These are people that we do not see. She has lost lots of weight because she says these people are starving her (not sure what she means). Also she has mentioned she feels another person inside her. What kind of prayer would you suggest I pray Becky? I am interceding for her day/night but not really sure what spirit is attacking her? She says someone is doing witchcraft against her, but not sure I believe her either? She has become a person that myself and family no longer recognize and feel like we are losing her. Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you Becky and God bless you!

    1. Dear sister Becky
      I was diagnostic by eye doctor from my left eye(Full thickness macular hole in my retina) this month.
      He wants to operated me but is very expensive and I dont have medical aid.
      So I am going to second opinion and there where I need your prayers sister Becky please.
      Be blessed

      1. Maria,
        In the name of Jesus I renounce these problems with your left eye. I release the healing power of Holy Spirit to flow through it and close the macular whole in the retina. I declare that you eye is healed and made whole for the glory of the Lord, according to Isaiah 53: 4-5, amen and amen.

    2. Hello Becky l greed you in the name of Jesus. Recently l watched you on Sid Roth show and l had hope. Since 2016 ĺ was diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes and have gone through 5 different operations but none improved my vision. Instead now l am almost blind. I have been referred to the society for the blind. I also have diabetes and hypertension for which l am taking chronic medication. Please pray for my healing both physically and spiritually. Thank you. Julia

      1. Julia,
        In the name of Jesus’ I renounce the spirit of death and diabetes, glaucoma, blindness and hypertension. I curse this spirit of death and all the disease it is carrying with it. I release the healing power of Holy Spirit to flow in and throughout your bodies. I say by His healing stripes you are healed, set free from premature death, diabetes, glaucoma, blindness and hypertension, amen and amen. I speak a new pancreas into being, brand new set of eyes that can see 20/20 for the glory of the Lord, amen. **Now you have to start declaring life, healing, and strength over your body, and ONLY declare His healing power over yourself in the name of Jesus.

  3. Looking forward to watching your interview Becky. I am always inspired. May God continue to bless you as you help us to have an indepth understanding of the Word.

    1. Dear sister Becky
      Thank you to pray for my left eye and by faith I received and I will confesse everyday in Jesus name
      Sister Becky may the Lord blessed you in all areas of yr life
      Love you

  4. Hello Becky – I’m looking forward to seeing this show! I have only learned of you and your ministry a few weeks ago and have watched you several times on YouTube. You have been a great blessing in my life. I just ordered your book, “Conquering the Spirit of Death” and am looking forward to reading it.
    Please agree with me in prayer for healing (bladder c. – and blindness)

  5. Good day Woman of God Becky Dvorak

    Firstly God’s richest blessings and anointing to you and your family for 2020 . I am so blessed and excited whenever I receive an email from you as it is truly uplifting and medicine to my soul. I can’t wait to watch it is super natural with Sid Roth because that is where I saw you for the first time.

    Be bless and pray for South Africa we need it.

  6. Thank you Becky.I love your healing ministry. It helped me to understand the healing ministry to manifest the power of the finished work of redemption by our Lord Jesus Christ as He declared His last words “it is finished.” It’s now our turn to reveal to the lost hurting world of His healing power in the Mighty Name of Jesus so that the world will know that JESUS IS REAL.

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