During worship the other night at healing school before I stood to minister, the Spirit the Lord showed me the following end-times vision.

I first saw a forest of pine trees on a hillside, they were all straight, tall, green, and healthy. And as we continued to sing in the Spirit, I saw a very large protective eagle rise above the trees. It was supernatural in size, and its right wing more than covered the forest. And it began to fly with a very watchful eye.

The eagle took me to 3 different fields.

  • We flew, but did not land over a field filled with Birds of Paradise, and with a quick glimpse I saw they tried to bloom, but were not yet ready. And as they saw the eagle fly over them, they tried to follow, but because they did not bloom in time, they could not.
  • I then was taken to another field. At first it was difficult for me to make out what I saw. I asked Him to help me understand and He brought me down for a closer view. It was a very large wheat field. But what made it difficult for me to discern from above was the turbulent wind that tossed and twisted the wheat at the roots, and beat the wheat down so they could not stand up straight. It was a violent storm.
  • He then brought me to another field. The atmosphere of this field was different from that of the wheat field. The sun shone brightly and the sky was blue, and the wind was calm and safe. As we passed through I realized that we were in a cornfield. And the corn was straight and tall. And as we closely examined the kernels they were gold and ripe. The corn was mature and ready.
  • We then returned to the first field that was filled with the Birds of Paradise, and due to the times and the pressures upon the root systems these exotic flowers put forth their blooms and they were now ready.

What is the spiritual significance of this vision that the Lord showed me?

We, the true believers in Jesus Christ are the forest of pine trees. And as we worship the Lord in spirit and in truth, see Jn. 4:24, Jesus, the Eagle is high and lifted up, see Is. 6, and as we magnify His name, see Ps. 34:3, we activate His greatness, His power, His strength, and all of His benefits begin to manifest, including His promises of safety, health, healing, protection and daily provision, see Ps. 91.

What are the spiritual meanings of the 3 fields?

  • The field filled with the Birds of Paradise represent the larger population of Christians who have what it takes, redemption and all of His giftings, but they are not prepared for these Last Days. And just as the eagle flew over in search of another field to land in, Jesus too has to look to another group of believers who are truly ready for this season and for His service.
  • There is a great supernatural battle taking place for the wheat field, the lost people, who are ready for harvest, or to receive your witness that Jesus is Lord. But the enemy, satan knows that his time is short and so he is putting up a fight, not willing to give these people up. And he is using every evil and twisted form of doctrine confusing them and keeping them from looking up to Jesus.
  • The cornfield is the remnant of true believers that have remained faithful during these turbulent times. They are mature and ready to be picked and processed for His purposes.
  • Upon the return visit to the field that was filled with the Birds of Paradise, the believers that were lukewarm and unprepared for this season, repented as they watched the Eagle, Jesus fly by, and due to great times of persecution were ready when He returned for them again.

Matthew 24:42 warns us, “Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming.”


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