The Good News in Proverbs 18:21 teaches us that there is the power of life and death in our tongues. Essentially this means that the condition of our health is in the words that we speak. In-other-words, we have control over our health and lives. Let us learn how to speak words of faith that will produce healing in our mortal bodies.

You see, according to God our words either create or destroy. We can learn to use the power of the spoken word wisely. We need to destroy the work of the enemy, satan in our lives. We need to renounce sickness, disease, and death attacking our bodies. And then we release the healing power of the Holy Spirit and receive it into sick body parts.

Jesus said, “Have faith in God. If you say to this mountain, be removed and cast into the sea, and don’t doubt in your heart, but believe the things you say will happen, then you will have whatever you say. So, with a believing heart, declare the promises of God, and receive your miracles. Mk. 11:22-24.

Use the following list of healing confessions and speak them out loud several times a day, just as if you were taking a dose of medicine for yourself or for someone else. Personalize these Scriptures, use your name or the name of a loved one and declare God’s healing power.

  • By His stripes you are / I am healed. Is. 53:5.
  • It is the Lord who is healing you / me. Ex. 15:26.
  • The Lord, your / my God is taking sickness away from the midst of you / me. Ex. 23:25.
  • The Lord will take all sickness away from you / me. Deut. 7:15.
  • Bless the Lord, who heals all your / my diseases. Ps. 103:3.
  • Attend to His word because it is life and health to your / my flesh. Prov. 4: 20, 22.
  • Fear not and don’t be dismayed, because the Lord your / my God is with you / me and will strengthen and help you / me. Is. 41:10.
  • The Lord says He will restore heath to you / me and heal you / me of your / my wounds. Jer. 30:17.
  • Jesus cast out the spirit with the word and healed all that were sick. He Himself took your / my infirmities and bore your / my sicknesses. Matt. 8:16-17.
  • Jesus went around healing every sickness and every disease among the people. Matt. 9:35.
  • Jesus healed the lame, blind, maimed, and many others, and He is healing you / me, for which we / I glorify God, as the multitudes did. Matt. 15: 30-31.
  • These signs will follow you / me because you / I believe. You / I will lay hands on yourself / myself and others and you / I will recover. Mk. 16:17-18.
  • Jesus gave you / me, as His disciple power over all devils, to cure diseases, and to heal the sick. Lk. 9: 1-2.
  • Jesus told us to heal the sick, so in obedience to Him, and in His name, we / I believe that you are / I am being healed, and know that the kingdom of God has come near you / me. Luke 10:9.
  • The Lord is granting you / me boldness to speak His word. He is stretching forth His hand to heal you / me in the name of Jesus. Acts 4:29-30.
  • Jesus healed all of the sick people, and those troubled with unclean spirits that were brought to Him. So, we / I bring you / myself to Him, and He is healing you / me. Acts 5:16.
  • God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and with power. He went about doing good and healing all those oppressed by the devil, including you / me. Acts 10:38.
  • God will keep you / me in perfect peace because your / my mind is fixed on Him and you / I trust in Him. Is. 26:3.
  • You / I shall not die, but live, and declare the work of the Lord. Ps. 118:17.

Remember, Jesus says, “Have faith in God.”


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8 thoughts on “Healing Confessions

    1. Pamela, there is no difference in ministering deliverance and healing to an autistic adult verses an autistic child. You have to pray and fast, understand your true identity in Christ and exercise your authority over demons that are behind this as well as minister to the physical as well. Blessings, Becky

  1. Our God is an AWESOME God, He reigns and he is so faithful.I praise Him with my whole heart and thank God and you for the wonderful testimonies.

      1. Just wanted to say thanks for this and for your newsletter Becky, I find it a brilliant encouragement. I read through this today (I really struggle with depression sometimes, I get so weak and have lately had tooth problems too) and felt the lovely presence of the Holy Spirit. There is power in the word, thanks for reminding us. God bless you x

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