Your situation may seem too difficult for a miracle, perhaps there is no medical cure, or it has been a life-long condition that you have grown accustomed to. Your 5 senses, human reasoning, and medical reports shout this is impossible. Even though, you know the Scriptures say that with God all things are possible, you still struggle with doubt and unbelief.

There was a woman named Sarai, (later her name was changed to Sarah) and she faced an impossible situation. She was barren and even though she was given a promise by God that she would birth a son, she could not see herself ever having a child. Like her husband, Abram, (later his name was changed to Abraham) she had no hope to have a child of her own. Instead of seeing God as her hope, she blamed Him for her barrenness. Sizing up the situation in the natural and using her five senses and human understanding as her guide, she came up with a plan of her own. Abram agreed and conceived a child with her maidservant, Hagar (see Gen. 16). This meddling plan she schemed up was not God’s plan; it was conceived of the flesh, not by faith, and it gave no glory to God, Sarai too had a hard lesson to learn, for now she was despised in the eyes of her maidservant. She made a mess of the situation, and God’s promise did not come to pass.

In order to have a miracle you must first have an impossible situation. And it is important to remember that God’s promise for a miracle cannot be brought to fruition via your human plan or reasoning. You need to submit to God’s supernatural means, faith. And faith is how to obtain your miracle.

Like I said, this woman of God, Sarai made a mess out of the situation and made matters worse because she chose not to trust God by faith and came up with a reasonable solution to a supernatural promise. But God is merciful, and 13 years later He visited her and her husband again and said that if they would listen and this time do it His way, she would bear a son within one year.

Sarah had a decision to make in order for this miraculous promise to come to pass. Would she believe or not? When she first heard the prophetic message from God’s messengers that she would bear a child, she laughed with doubt and unbelief. After all, she was 89 years of age, passed the age of child baring, and she had been barren all her life. When the messengers asked why she laughed at God’s promise, she lied and denied that she had laughed, but they corrected her.  And just as it was with Sarah, God knows what’s in your heart, and your heart needs to be cleansed of all doubt an unbelief for your miracle to come to pass.

Hebrews 11:11 tells us what Sarah had decided. “By faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed, and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised.”

Because she made the right decision, and this was a tough decision to make, all human reasoning and her 5 senses screamed this was impossible, but because she judged God faithful to keep His promise she received strength to conceive and bear Abraham’s son, Isaac at the age of 90. What an amazing woman of faith she became. Will you be like her and judge our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ faithful to keep His promise and conceive the strength to receive your healing and miracle?


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