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Do you or someone you care about need prayer for healing? Our team is willing to lift your need up to the Lord in prayer.  *Please note due to the heavy volume of prayer requests Becky does not pray via phone calls or Skype, she does not give her personal number out … and may not be able to respond with a personal note. But our team is praying for your need. Thank you for your understanding.

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    1. I asking God for a financial blessing, miracles, and favor. May men and women seek me out to bless me. From the north south east and west. I receive it in Jesus name!

    2. I have the gift of miracles and healing. I pray God release me to a new level of miracles and healing in 2017. To do greater miracles and instant healing in Jesus name.

    3. Please pray my Job offer me a higher salary pay so that I can get a car and be more financially stable.

    4. Dear Becky,

      I am Zohmingliani from Mizoram, India. I want you to pray over my pains and sufferings which are below. If you could help me in anyway for my healing, please let me know.

      I have difficulty making eye contact with people. I get discomfortness in my eyes and head if i try to keep eye contact with people, my head and body gesture also becomes abnormal. My head usually have discomfortness. I have discomfortness of my tooth. My head is sensitive to loud sudden sound. My arm and leg gesture is abnormal. I have difficulty to sleep. There are many red veins in my eyes and it looks ugly. I have eye floaters which makes me see black things and its very disturbing. Pray for me so that i can be healed now and help me in all possible ways. I prayed a lot but the healing has not come yet.

      1. Hello Zohmingliani, Right now, I join my faith with your faith for total healing, deliverance, and restoration of your eyes in Jesus’ name. I command them to be recreated from the inside to the outside, all discomfort be healed. I speak into your brain that the bad cells are eliminated and new cells are reacreated and that all swelling, pain and other forms of discomfort are healed and made whole. I come against any demon influence that may be involved in this situation that those spirits leave you in Jesus’ name. For the glory of the Lord, I believe that your body is fully restored in Jesus’ name, amen.

        PS — Now start to live as if you are healed, speak like you are healed, think like you are healed in Jesus’ name.

    5. In faith in 1Peter 2:24 “By the stipes if Christ we of Christ were healed,” I claim whole health to my teeth and right side shoulder, ribs, hip, knee and ankle through the mighty name of Christ. Amen! Kindly be in agreement? Thanks!

      1. Hello John, I align my faith with your faith. Right now, I speak healing into your spine and command it and your hips to be realigned. I speak to your right shoulder to be healed, the pain, swelling damage from over use be healed. I speak strength and healing into your ribs and skeletal and muscular system. I speak creative miracles into your hip, knee and ankle. Worn out joints to be recreated, cartilage grow, worn down bones to grow in density. Creative miracles is what I see. I speak to your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves connected to all of these areas to be strengthened and be made whole. I speak to your teeth that they are healed from the roots all the way through to the enamel. Sensitivity be healed, decay be healed, and be recreated in Jesus’ name, amen.

    6. I am suffering with a bladder condition, and I am in a lot of discomfort. I feel so alone and distressed and do not know where to turn. Life is extremely difficult and my condition is not improving. I desperately need God`s healing. Please would you pray for me? Thank you.

      1. Dear Melanie, Right now, in the name of Jesus I renounce this bladder condition. I release the healing power of the Holy Spirit to flow through your bladder and everything else in your body that is effected by this condition. I speak healing and creative miracles to flow and take place in your bladder, that it is recreated and functions perfectly normal in Jesus’ name, amen.

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