The Bible teaches us that there is the power of life and death in our tongues, see Proverbs 18:21. In other words, we are living today what we have spoken yesterday.

If you say on a consistent basis that you are sick and tired. Guess what? You will be sick and tired.

If you tell your child that he or she will never amount to anything. Guess what? You destroy their self esteem, and steal their confidence, and they won’t amount to anything. Because children want to please their parents and you set a very low goal before your child to meet.

If you say over and over again about yourself that you are just a poor man or a woman. Guess what? You curse yourself with your own words, and eventually your heart will believe what you say, and you will act upon those negative and faithless words. And you will never seem to have enough to make ends meet.

And it is the same with healing too. If you consistently speak pain, sickness and death, you strengthen the very thing that you desire to be free from, because you curse your own body with the power of your spoken words.

But the language of healing is very bold and radical in nature. It does not allow for one word of unbelief to be taken in or spoken. It will not tolerate doubt. It will not dwell on or consider the word impossible!

This vocabulary is birthed from time spent with the Holy Spirit and His Word. The more it is spoken on a consistent basis, the more it produces. And it will eventually lead us to the time frame of the instant, where miracles transform.

Here are some basic examples of the healing language. Take these examples and fashion them to your healing needs.

I am healed in the name of Jesus.

I am cancer free in Jesus’ name.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I can walk in Jesus’ name.

I will live in Jesus’ name.

I will fulfill my destiny in Jesus’ name.

I will not die prematurely in Jesus’ name.

In the name of Jesus I will not be bound to this wheelchair.

I rebuke the spirit of death over my body in the name of Jesus.

I rebuke this pain and swelling in the my body in the name of Jesus.

I command my knee to be recreated in the mighty name of Jesus.

If we will activate the supernatural power of faith-filled words, eventually our hearts will believe what we say and as a result, our healing will manifest.


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8 thoughts on “The Language of Healing

  1. oops – thanks for the reminder that the seizures aren’t Jon’s – surely our sickness He Himself took, and our anguish He carried.

  2. I understand what you’re saying here about speaking healing words and not words of sickness and disability, and that’s what we try to do in our own home — we declare to Jon and over him that he is healed by the stripes of Jesus (and we are consciously trying to root out careless comments about seizure triggers, etc.). However, I’m never quite sure what to say when people (like his neurologist, or his hospice nurse-practitioner, or the prayer team at church) ask how he’s doing, or even specifically, how many seizures he had in the past week. So, I find myself struggling to answer these questions honestly, yet displaying belief in his healing. Yesterday, when asked, I said something like, “Well, he had 10 seizures last week, but we were able to take him off of 2 medications for other conditions, and his appetite is improving, and we’re believing God for his complete healing.” I don’t want to lie about how he’s doing, but at the same time, I want to use words of faith, but always feel like I’ve muddled it.

    1. Dear Karen, I know it can be tricky sometimes when dealing with people’s questions and comments. With the prayer team, I think you need to be honest with them, and use the moment to teach them how to ask you for updates. Be real honest with them, and teach that that our words have power to heal or to hurt. I would write up a confession of faith for Jon’s healing, make copies of it and give it to them and ask them to pray this over your son every day. They care that’s why they ask, but we want to train the how to pray words of faith over Jon. Amen. With the doctors, give them the information they are needing, but add your statement of faith… I give my Lord the glory that he is now off of two meds, and I am believing for total freedom and healing from this. I would appreciate that you respect my faith, as I respect your position as well.

      1. They are praying words of faith. But I think they simply want to know specifically what to pray for and where Jon is in the healing process. In other words, do they still need to pray for his seizures or his speech, etc.

        Speaking of the prayer team, we had a breakthrough on Pentecost Sunday. First, the Holy Spirit’s power was manifested in a very special way during the service. When Jon was prayed for after the service he was resisting at first, but then he sort of melted down to the floor, and lay face down for a long time as the team prayed over him. Since then, the darkness that had come over him in early February (he became very tired, and no appetite, and had a hard time swallowing solid foods, and no smiles or laughter) lifted. He’s eating well now, has a good energy level, smiling, and we’re getting a few giggles, and believing in Jesus’ name that real laughter will come soon. He’s been able to come off of two meds (actually improved after they came off) and one of his supplements, and we’ve been able to be a bit more liberal with his very strict diet, praise God. We are seeing the first fruits of his complete healing.

        1. Amen, Karen! This is an awesome report of when we have to fight off the enemy and his strongholds. I still recommend that you write up a confession of faith for your prayer team so they pray accordingly to your faith. I am amazed at what people will say to us, to the person they say they are praying for, but what they pray or say when others are not in hearing range can be disheartening. It helps people to stay focused when they have a written prayer of faith. It teaches them how to pray in faith.

          And remember these are not his seizures. They belong to Jesus. He paid for them with His own blood, so that Jon would be free from satan’s wicked torments.

          I am standing with you. Magnify the Lord, report all the wonderful changes taking place. Give no place for the enemy’s tactics.

          You are doing an awesome job!
          Becky :O)

  3. A big “Amen” my Dear Sister Becky! God does not want us to be or hang around a bunch of “Eyore” attitudes! We are people of faith! We serve a Great Loving, Caring God who is the King of Kings! We must put on His Righteousness and believe what Jesus did for us! We must speak these words of Faith practically and consistently! Build a strategy that will put the enemy in his place and on the defeated fringes of your life when Satan hear’s you speak the Word of God. God’s Word is the Holy Spirit’s sword! Let us implement God’s Word in our actions!
    Love you!

    1. You’re so right Blanche. God does not want His children acting like a bunch of Eyores! He wants us to hold up our shield of faith and use the sword of the Spirit and fight the enemy to the finish, until we have total victory. Hugs, Becky :O)

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