Why is your healing not manifesting? Many people are wondering this as well. I have found that there are two main reasons for this. And the good news is they are both things you are able to work with–change so that your healing can manifest.

There are many reasons as to why your healing is not manifesting, but I find the 2 most common reasons are:

  1. Wrong confessions are being spoken.
  2. Actions and confessions do not agree with one another.

Proverbs 18:21 teaches us that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” The words we speak are a vital component to supernatural healing. They either allow the healing to manifest or they prevent the power of God to produce a miracle. If you desire healing you must speak words that are full of life and healing.

Also, actions and confessions need to be in alignment with one another. The old adage “You say one thing, but do another.” holds true with divine healing too. If someone is in a battle against death, and they confess that they have the faith for healing, but at the same make funeral plans, they are in error. Their actions do not support life and healing, but death. And that is what they will have. The Bible teaches us in James 2:26, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” You act out what you truly believe.

So, using the above illustration, how do you line up your confession with your actions to produce healing? First of all, speak life and healing over your body. I would advise you to write a confession of faith and speak this over your body throughout the day. Then make a plan to live, write out what you will do tomorrow, the next day, the following week, a year from now, 5, 10 years from today. And actually do what you write down. This is how you can line up your actions with your confessions, and cause your healing to manifest.

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9 thoughts on “Why Is My Healing Not Manifesting?

  1. I read your book I prayed everything I was so full of faith and prayed for 2 of my neighbors in agreement with them for them to live, daily sent them scriptures, they both died early of cancer.. I am crest fallen..

  2. Karen just said my mind. It’s very difficult when your child is dealing with special needs and others who work with them say it as they see it

  3. Amen, Karen and Becky, Your seed is mightily in the land of faith and profess with you in agreement. We put Him in rememberance that you will be justified…….
    We agree and send our prayer of faith and watch God work.

  4. This is an area where I find myself greatly challenged as we pray for our son’s complete healing, who has Down Syndrome, Autism, and Intractable Epilepsy — (whoa…there I go again!!) Let me correct that to say, who HAD DS, Autism and Epilepsy but is being healed in Jesus Name. The biggest issue I have is what to do and say when we have IEP meetings and such where the school (and we parents) are supposed to be setting goals for the coming academic year. Or…when the neurologist sends an email asking how Jon is doing (and he’s had a lot of seizures in the past week). I know we walk by faith and not by sight, but at the same time, with a child with multiple medical and developmental issues, we have to deal with numerous educators, therapists and medical professionals who just see who he is now. This is where I find myself really challenged to have actions match my confession.

    1. Karen you just remain steadfast and you call those these things that be not as they are God redeems His people from the curse of the enemy I declare my son will be used mighty in the Kingdom that he would be blessed with uncommon intelligence That he would be a West Point graduate amen
      God has given us the Kingdom

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