Why Difficult to Receive Healing?

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People have been taught if they take medicine they will be healed.

Liz asks, “Why do you think it is hard for Christians to receive healing? It seems most are already resigned to go the medical route because God uses doctors.”

Liz this is a great question, and there is an answer.

I believe that it has been difficult for Christians, especially in the Western World, to receive healing because they have not been taught about faith for healing on a consistent basis.

People are willing to wait 7 to 10 days for an antibiotic to heal their bodies, because they have been taught for many years that if they take two tablespoons of this medicine, three times a day they will be healed. They are even willing to overlook physical symptoms of the illness, because they have been taught that the symptoms and the sickness will be healed as long as they take the medicine faithfully. So, their faith has been activated, they follow their doctor’s instructions, and they are healed by the medicine.

But God’s people are not willing to wait this amount of time for divine healing to manifest, because they have not been consistently taught that if they will be faithful to take God’s medicine, His Word concerning healing, three times a day, morning, noon and night, that their bodies will be healed. And because of the lack of faith teaching for healing, if they experience any type of symptom after prayer they doubt the power in God’s medicine, and are not healed.

People Need To Be Taught Faith For Healing

When God’s people hear the message of faith for healing on a consistent basis and put faith for healing into action then they are healed. And not only are they healed, but they walk in divine health and avoid sickness all together.

Our faith to dare to believe God for healing will be activated when we are taught the Word for healing on a consistent basis.

Liz, this is why it has been difficult for Christians to receive healing.

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  • Bob Ryan

    We’re even willing to leave our cars in the shop or our pets at the Vet for a few days!

    • Becky Dvorak

      It is amazing how patient we will be in the natural realm, but when it comes to God we are often very impatient.

  • Davis Towlerton

    You are a very bright individual!

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