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Are you where you want to be spiritually? We are coming to the end of this 21 Day Daniel Fast, and our purpose for this fast was to revive our spirit-being, to refresh our personal relationship with your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to examine our spiritual condition so that we can make the necessary adjustments to overcome the wiles of the enemy.

Let’s review the key points that we touched upon these past twenty-one days.

Do I still love my Savior, Jesus? Or am I living the lifestyle while forsaking the most important relationship one can ever have? If I have allowed my relationship with the Lord to become dull, what am I going to do about it?

We see that difficult times are upon us, and that persecution against us is ramping up. And many fear what might happen, and others question if they have what it takes to endure persecution. Let’s examine our hearts and ask ourselves the hard question, “Can I endure these difficult times?”  Are we willing to strengthen our faith while others hate us, and even attempt to do us harm?

We looked at our place of worship. We were encouraged to ask ourselves, “Is my place of worship in right standing with Jesus?” “Does my place of worship lift up Jesus as the true God? Do they encourage the people to be born-again? Do they teach the Word of God? Or do they promote tolerance of evil? Have they become more concerned about being politically correct, than teaching people to be free from their sin?” If your place of worship does not teach the truth, “What did you do about it?”

We discussed the dangers of putting up with a Jezebel spirit and were encouraged to ask ourselves the following questions. “Am I struggling to repent from ungodliness?” “Do I tolerate and permit the controlling Jezebel spirit to have its way within my home, church, or office?” If I have done so in the past, “What am I going to do about it today?”

Do our thoughts, words, and daily actions line up with God’s requirements for eternal life in heaven? Do we believe in our hearts, and confess with our words, “I believe, Jesus is Lord.”?

We looked at how God judges good works and were encouraged to examine our motives. “Why am I doing what I do?” And “Who receives the glory for what I do?”

We gave thought to our spiritual temperature. And were asked to admit if we were spiritually lukewarm, cold or hot? And if we did not like our temperature, were we willing to adjust the thermostat?

We were encouraged to listen to the words we speak, as they have the prophetic power to release life or death into the situation. I would think that most of us would be a bit convicted on this point, but did we make the adjustments necessary to transform our lives? Did we take time to repent for the misuse of our words? Did we make a conscious decision to listen to what we say, before we speak? Have we asked Holy Spirit for His help to learn to speak His language of faith and prophesy death to the works of satan, and the life of God into our needs?

When it comes to the power of truth, do we seek real truth, Jesus and His Holy Word? Or have we decided to stay stuck in the lies given to us from this world? To walk in the power of truth is a decision, but this decision sets us free.

We looked at the need for us to hit the “Reset” button of our faith, to start over, speak words of faith over ourselves, and activate our faith.

We were refreshed with a prophetic word from the Lord, “Dead bones must rise again!” And received His word of encouragement to “Shake off the sleep and the slumber. Press toward the mark of our high calling. Unleash the resurrection power of My Spirit within you. No longer be timid and shy. You have entered into a time when there is no turning back for My Beloved–My Church.”

All in all, this has been a blessed time during this 21-day Daniel Fast. Our purpose of this time of spiritual reflection is not to judge others, but our own hearts. As our purpose is to revive our spirit-being, to refresh our personal relationship with your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to examine our spiritual condition so that we can make the necessary adjustments to overcome the wiles of the enemy. And this is not the easiest thing to do, but it is necessary to be where we want to be spiritually. And I believe it has accomplished much to identify where we are spiritually. And if we do not like where we are in certain areas, we have the tools to make the necessary changes to move forward during this turbulent year, and in these last days.


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2 thoughts on “Are You Where You Want to Be Spiritually?

  1. I did not see this until now. But right now, I renounce this spirit of fear, a spirit of death, fear of cancer, cancer, cancerous cells and tumors. I command any cancerous cells or tumors to die off at the seed and to dry up at the roots and to be supernaturally eliminated from the body. I release the healing power of the blood of Jesus to flow through your every cell, tissue, organ and system to cleanse them from all impurities of death, disease, including cancer in Jesus’ name, amen.

  2. This was really a season of change, there is a great improvement in my life. I even have a test to it at the moment, two days ago I started bleeding suddenly from the uterus. I know what it means because I have not menstruated for years. Fear is trying to come, I insisted that I agree with faith and say no to fear- I have to scream to it. I do not want to go to the doctor for him to give me a negative report I rather treat myself as if it is cancer and renounce and curse it so many times. If I did not go through this fast with you I know that I would be sick of worry. I will just go to confirm after the bleeding has stopped. Thank you so much for this teaching because this attack was going to come at some stage finding me unprepared

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