One of the victims of the spirit of death is the vulnerable, those that can’t fight the good fight of faith on their own, and such is the case in the NICU ward. But Terri, a woman of faith, my friend, and one of my intercessors stood in the gap for one of these precious and vulnerable babies the other week with great results. Let’s read and see just how she conquered this spirit of death on behalf of this little baby.

Terri writes, “God has called me to minister in our local hospital, by cuddling the babies in the NICU ward. Recently, I had 2 consecutive nights scheduled. The following day an email was sent out to the volunteers for that night. I was taking my granddaughter to an event that day and hesitated to respond.  I kept checking to see if anyone had responded, but no one had. It was late afternoon when I took my granddaughter home and there was still no response, so I responded that I would go in that night.

The previous night I was given a 3 day old baby who was fitfully crying. I prayed, “Oh Lord, please help me. “ We are not told the history of these babies, but the nurse shared she was 3 days old, unable to keep formula down, and they were thinking of transporting her to another hospital. This baby girl had an IV running and was mad! The nurse placed her in my arms with a pacifier, and asked if I was okay and left, and said to call if I needed help.

This precious, sweet baby screamed while arching her back. As I always do, I called on Jesus, “Please Lord, let this baby feel Your hands and Your heart.  Let me get out of the way.  And I prayed in my natural and in my spiritual language. Very soon the cries subsided and she relaxed with a cry coming just once in a while. I said, “Thank You, Jesus for the peace for this baby.” I held her for 2 and a half to three hours until it was time for me to leave. Again I prayed, “Oh Lord, let her continue to feel You.” I went in the next night and was assigned to hold that same baby. I was expecting the same situation as the previous night, but when I got to the room this precious little girl was quiet, and she had no IV. The nurse gave me a brief report and said she was even keeping her formula down. I began to cry as I was telling her God had answered my prayers, and she agreed! And I held a very content little baby that night as I continued to pray into her spirit.”

While listening to Terri share this testimony with me, I asked her the following question, “Terri, how would you say that the teachings from my books about our words and standing in faith helped you to conquer the spirit of death over this child?”

She responds, “Standing in faith is believing God at His word. Seeing His work is such a faith builder. To experience the power of our words which are so important– it’s testimony in itself. Our words do make a difference and we should choose life-giving words. Renounce every morbid, and negative word spoken over these children, even your own negative thoughts.”

I ask, “Terri, how do you speak to these babies when they are suffering with pain?”

She answers, “All I am allowed to do is hold the babies. I’m not told much about the babies for reasons of  confidentiality. When I am holding an “angry” baby that’s arching their back, my voice doesn’t change per say, as I want the babies to hear a soft, but confident voice. But I put emphasis on the words that declare life. [Gotta tell you the tears fall!] I pray positively into their spirit, taking authority in Jesus’ name is what we are to do and then we  are to expect Him to manifest. God is faithful.

As I continue to listen to Terri share with me her story, she says, “The nurses have been very open to me walking the unit praying before I go to my assignment. God prepares the hearts.” So I ask her, “Did you ask the nurses for permission to pray? Or did you just tell them that’s what you are doing?” And she responds, Actually, I just told them and they didn’t say no.”

She adds, “I am so humbled and overwhelmed with the goodness of God. I have never had prayers answered so quickly. Talk about a faith builder. Becky, you said to  anoint the babies with prayer, and as I was coming home the other night Holy Spirit said before I get to my assignment, that I am to touch and pray over each doorway while I walk the unit, as I cannot go into these other rooms. He has led me every step of the way. I have never felt so blessed!”

Just like Terri you can also learn how to conquer the spirit of death in your everyday situation.


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15 thoughts on “Conquering the Spirit of Death in the NICU Ward

  1. Dear Becky,
    My wife and I need prayer please. My wife had a stroke after a surgery gone wrong to remove a regrowth tumor in her pituitary and it’s nearly 4 years now. For me, I am experiencing lower back pain, not normal urination pattern and pain. Thank you very much for your help! God bless you and your family!

    1. Homer, in the name of Jesus I renounce this spirit of death attacking you and your wife. I curse the damage caused from this stroke. I speak to the brain to be recreated and to function 100% normal. I speak to your spine to be realigned and recreated and pain free, and the problems with urinating be healed and made whole, amen and amen.

  2. Hi Mrs. Becky,
    How are you doing? This is Michelle again you prayed for my dad about healing of his kidneys. He needs a miracle they put him on kidney dialysis and the medications are causing negative side effects. He is experiencing high and lows and passing out. Please believe with us for his healing. We are crying out and desperate. His name is Trevor R. Marshall SR. He needs his sugar and pressure to be normalized. Thanks so much for the prayers before he came out of a comma in the hospital. Love you and your family! Thanks for all that you do! God bless you always, Michelle

    1. Dear Michelle,
      I renounce this spirit of premature death attacking your dad. I release the Spirit of Life to flow in and throughout his entire being. I speak to his kidneys and pancreas and his heart to be healed and function 100% normal, amen and amen. Hugs, Becky

      1. Thank you so much Mrs. Becky for believing God with me for daddy. Happy New Year! God Bless Always! Love Michelle

  3. (I have read all of your books.)Just found out my Mormon sister-in-law who is in her early 70’s and lives in Utah was told by doctors she has about 30 days to live. I don’t even know how to pray or what to say considering her ‘religion’. I’m praying in the Spirit and seeking wisdom. Any suggestions on how to minister to her? I sent her the link for 100 healing scriptures. I want to tell her to not agree with or take ownership of this disease or death sentence but she/ they already have and are talking funeral burial plans…. I’m crying out first for her salvation and deliverance and for Jesus to show up and reveal Himself to her and expose any lies that she believes. Prayers please for Vicki and her family. Mormon husband, mormon daughter and husband snd 2 toddlers, not Mormon and not saved son and his girlfriend and her children. Thank you

    1. Dear Becky,
      Please continue to pray in the Spirit. He knows what the situation needs, and how to work it. As to how to minister to her–do so in love and tell her the truth about salvation. Do not get into the believes of mormons, as she is probably brain-washed by the whole doctrine of it all. Focus in on “right relationship” If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth–Jesus you will be saved. Pray for God’s grace, His opportunity to be with her alone, and love on her as if you were loving on Jesus. Hugs, Becky

    1. Benjamin, in the name of Jesus’ I renounce the spirit of premature death attacking your heart. I release the Spirit of Life to flow in and throughout your heart and vascular system and that it is recreated and functions 100% normal for the glory of the Lord, amen, and it shall be so.

  4. Learning is good; practice is better. Practice, as defined by the Bible.
    I’m challenged to do more because so many people are in pain and trouble.
    Many thanks to Terri, and you, daughter Becky, but above all, glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
    Hallelujah and Amen.

    1. Sister Becky please pray for me and my younger brother Okey (Okechukwu).
      After listening to you on conquering the spirit of death, both on Sid Roth and listening to some other of your videos on YouTube, I came to the conclusion that it has been the spirit of death that has been attacking my life and that of my younger brother. I have had a near death experience many times. But of recent, I had one 12th June 2018 and another on 5th June 2019, that’s barely one year apart. My younger brother the same thing. Since 2016, he has been on the recovery path after having a partial stroke, though no arteries bursted, but he also has other ailments attacking him till now.
      What I had last year was a high blood pressure attack and has been on drug since then. Then my thoughtsand dreams are being heavily attacked by devilish thoughts and dreams.
      Please let God use you on behalf of my younger brother and I Ma.
      Thank you.
      God bless you Ma.

      1. Onyi,
        In the name of Jesus I renounce this spirit of death attacking you and your brother. I renounce this curse over you by the redemptive power of the blood of Jesus. I speak inner healing to your mind and emotions and your dreams and visions will be sweet. I curse any and all open doors that the two of you may have opened and command them shut. I speak to your brothers brain to be healed from this stroke. I say be healed and made whole, amen.

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