Do you remember the lady from the other day that wrote concerning the need for healing prayer for her husband who suffered from a stroke? Well, I want to write and share her testimony with you about what they are witnessing since this prayer of faith was verbally released over him.

“Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven”, Matthew 18:19.

First of all, this is the prayer that we came into agreement for her husband’s healing:

“In the name of Jesus’ I renounce the power behind this stroke and speak life into his brain cells and command his brain to be recreated and made whole for the glory of the Lord. All the issues from this stroke be healed and made whole, and all negative side effects be reversed for God’s glory.

I renounce all word curses that have been spoken over this family and release the power of deliverance that Jesus provided for us when He became the curse to undo the curse for us in Jesus’ name, amen,”

Now she writes to report the daily improvements they are witnessing and says;
“Since the prayer you prayed over John there have been more significant improvements daily but on Sunday, yesterday a fog over him lifted! He had his confidence back and the effects of the stoke were broken over his spirit and it lifted. A childishness left and his mind was able to comprehend the word and start to use his imagination to see his hand move and comprehend Gods word. He even asked for a mirror to help him work on his walking gate in therapy. It is His right side and hand that that was attacked and he is recovering from. He grabbed yesterday on to Isaiah 41:10 that his friend gave him and typed it and emailed it to me with one hand!

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and help you; I will uphold you with my RIGHTEOUS RIGHT HAND.”

Praise God and thank you!”

This is such an encouraging testimony of how this couple believed in the healing power of Jesus and are not only speaking words of life over his body, but also putting action behind these faith-filled words. If they can believe the Lord for their manifested healing from a stroke, so can you. You can believe Him for whatever it is you have need of. 


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45 thoughts on “Daily Improvements From a Stroke

    1. Angela,
      In the name of Jesus’ I join my faith with your faith for Patrick Jr’s salvation. Holy Spirit hover over him, deal with the root of the problem, bring people into his life that he respects and can receive from. I declare by faith that Patrick Jr is delivered and saved in Jesus’ name, amen.

  1. Thank you Berky for your healing prayer In Jesus’s name I am healed. Thank for all healing prayers for everyone leaving their testimonies here Jesus is at work through his anointed who happens to be you Berky we Glorify His name.

    Thank you and God Bless you.


  2. I would like to thank you woman of God for the wonderful work you are doing for people of the world. Thank for that moving testimony. I would also want a prayer of agreement as I have been suffering from my right side my breast I feel heat yes I have gone to the doctor its okay but its bothering me. I have stomach terrible acids that I need to take medication. I need your prayers so that my body gets back to its original state and I know that the Almighty will restore it in the name of Jesus. Thank you.


    1. Patience,
      In the mighty name of Jesus’, your healer I release the healing power of Holy Spirit to flow mightily through your body and that the heat and the cause of this heat and suffering on your right side of your breast and stomach is healed. I speak to that trap door between your stomach and esophagus to be healed, that it opens and closes properly, all damage from excessive acid be healed, that the acid in your stomach return to normal amounts for the glory of Jesus, amen and amen.

  3. Sister you are a true woman of God. And you always hear from God about people.there is some questions in my heart which is bothering me day and night day and night.
    I cannot sleep eat properly. Sister can you please answer all my questions from the holy spirit of God? Please sister.
    I pray alot. But right now i need your help.
    You please tell me what the Lord answer me about my questions. Please sister i am in a great depression

    1. Oni,
      I pray that you will be at peace in your mind and emotions and that sleep will come gently to you in the night, and that you will sleep sound, and wake up refreshed in the morning, amen and amen.

        1. Oni,
          The Lord God would say to you this day; “I love you with an everlasting love. Lean unto Me and not unto your own understanding. Leave the past in the past, and look to My Word for your future. I have great things planned for you, but you must seek Me and My truth and My ways and then do as I say for these plans to come into fruition. Thus says the Lord, your God to you this day.

  4. This is so encouraging. What cannot God do. I am believing God for fruit of the womb for my daughter who has been married for six years now. Please agree with me in prayer to our God for whom time and space are not an issue. Thank you

    1. Adjoa,
      In the name of Jesus’ I align my faith with your faith for a healthy baby to be conceived and born from your daughter’s womb. We command whatever is not right in her female organs to be recreated, realigned, healed and made whole for the glory of God, amen.

  5. I am believing God for a change of location with my family. I pray the organization I work with relocate me to a new place of assignment in Jesus.

    1. Emmanuel,
      In the name of our Lord Jesus, I prophesy divine favor and grace for your family, and that the company chooses to relocate you to a good place, amen and amen.

      1. Good day mum, I know you are fine. Please mum do you have any online mentoring group? I will be glad to join ma. Thanks

  6. Hi, I am in need of prayer for healing. I had pretty bad gallstone attack couple of days ago and still recovering from pain. We’ve been praying with my husband but nothing helps.

    1. Galina,
      In the name of Jesus’ I renounce this attack on the gallbladder. I speak healing and relief from gallstones. And that this painful issue does not return again. I speak creative miracles in the gallbladder and declare in Jesus’ name that this gallbladder is recreated for the glory of the Lord, amen and amen.

      **Speak life and healing over your gallbladder in the name of Jesus.

  7. Glory be to God on high for using you woman of God to help those in need. May he use you even the more.

  8. Thank you so much for posting these encouraging words! I would appreciate a prayer of agreement for my mother’s healing from memory loss and dementia. She has been having cognitive impairment for the last three years, with trouble remembering, confusion, and mental decline. Her mother, my grandmother, had a similar condition.

    My mom’s name is Nancy, and I am standing on the Word that Jesus took up her infirmities and she is healed by His stripes!

    1. Dear Suzanne,
      In the mighty name of Jesus’ I renounce the power behind this label of dementia. I release the healing power of Holy Spirit to flow through her brain. Bad cells are eliminated and new, healthy cells are recreated for the glory of God. Nancy can remember things from long ago, and things that have happened just a few seconds ago and everything in between as well. I renounce this spirit of confusion and the fear that it brings to her. I speak peace to her mind and emotions. I speak words of faith over her cognitive reasoning, and declare that she does have the mind of Christ. I renounce a generational curse in this and declare that Jesus redeemed her from the curse by becoming the curse that hung on the Tree. In Jesus’ name we speak life, healing, and creative miracles over her brain and brain functions, amen and amen.

  9. Praise the Lord! Dear woman of God, can you please pray for me and my children. I am suffering with hashimotos (autoimmune disease) and thyroid eye disease, which is very painful and always feeling pressure in the eye lids. My children are unsaved and controlled by addictions (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc) l believe theres a generational curse over us. My grandmother practiced witchcraft (tarot card reading, palm/tea leaf readings etc). Thank you and God bless 🙂

    1. Lorna,
      In the name of Jesus’ — your Healer I renounce the power behind this label of Hashimotos disease, and thyroid eye disease. I decree a separation between you and these diseases. And declare the promise of physical healing to manifest in your autoimmune system and in your thyroid. That they are recreated and function 100% for the glory of the Lord, amen and amen.
      I pray in faith over you and your children for inner healing from past hurts and disappointments and that your children sill be able to let go of the past and move forward free in Christ Jesus. I renounce the control of the spirit of addiction over them and as they turn to Jesus, their bodies reject alcohol, drugs, cigarettes… That they will find true peace in Jesus. I renounce the curse of witchcraft that was passed down from their grandmother. Father, forgive them for they do not know what has them bound, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  10. Mrs. Becky. . Thank you for a wonderful testimony. This gives me so much encouragement. . I also recieve my healing from surgery of my uterus. I am also believing for a Godly husband. I’ve been single for 19 years. Please be in agreement that this curse be broken against me and my family in Jesus Name. I believe in the power of prayer and prayer of agreement. God bless you so much. .We serve a Mighty God. Blessings. Yolanda.

    1. Dear Yolanda,
      In the mighty name of Jesus’ I renounce the power of this curse over you and your family. We can believe to free from the curse because Jesus took upon His own body the curse to redeem us from it. And because of this fact, we decree a separation between you and all forms of the curse. We declare the healing power of Jesus into your uterus and that it is healed and made whole according to Isaiah 53:4-5. I also pray and believe with you that your godly husband come into your pathway in Jesus’ name, amen and amen.

  11. Praise the Lord!! Thank you Jesus!! This is so encouraging as I’m praying for deliverance from generational spirits of alcoholism & pornography that have passed down from my father-in-law to my husband & son. What you’ve done for others, you can do for us.

  12. I too am asking for agreement in prayer over my own body. It seems as though my head is always dizzy, my chest and back continually pains and my left atm is always tingling. Doctor said it’s the effects of high blood pressure. Believing the Lord for excellence of health in my body in Jesus’ Name.

    1. Johanna,
      In the name of Jesus’ I renounce high bp and the root cause of high bp. I speak healing and peace into your heart and body and that it aligns itself up with the Word of God that by His stripes you are healed. I also pray for wisdom for changes you need to make in your lifestyle to bring your body back into balance with the Scriptural promises of healing.

      Becky :O)

    2. Dear Becky,
      Thank you for sharing this amazing testimony that is so encouraging. Please i am asking you in agreement to pray for my healing from severe pains under my feet and around the ankles. The pain gets so severe and unbearable that i have difficulty in walking when i get out of bed in the mornings or after i have been sitting or lying for a while. Some days i can feel the pain moving about in the feet mostly around the soles and the ankle areas. I also get some tingling in the toes sometimes and in my waist. I have had this since february this year as far as i remember and the pain is worse than before. I believe in the power of prayer and healing miracles. I trust the Lord for my healing because i know He is faithful, He is able and He will. Amen in Jesus name.
      Thank you Becky.

      1. Dear Nana,
        In the name of Jesus’ I renounce this severe pain in your feet, arches, soles and ankles. I curse the root of this pain and speak healing and peace into your feet and the nerves. In the name of Jesus’ pain cease, leave her body. I speak to your spine and command it to realign, the vertebra, discs, ligaments, tendons, nerves, nerve endings line up to the healing promise in Isaiah 53:4-5 that you have already been healed by the whips that Jesus endured for your healing and all the blood that He shed to redeem you from this curse. I declare that you can run and not grow weary, you can walk and not faint for the glory of the Lord, amen and amen.

    1. Thank you so much Becky. I felt less pain this morning when i woke up and i have done quite a lot of walking today with less pain..Halleluja ! I trust the Lord for total( that is 100%) healing and i can’t wait to share my testimony to the glory of God. Praise the Lord !

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