The Spirit of the Lord would say to you; “Now is the time to focus on Me and My Word. Zero in on the heartbeat of the Father—the Lost. There is a lost and dying world that is getting more perverse as the day of My return draws closer.

The enemy is well aware that his time is short, and he is going after my greatest creation—the human race with a vengeance.

The darkness is quickly becoming darker. Evil is being widely accepted and celebrated, and those that have yielded themselves to that Serpent of Old are being positioned into high and vile roles in society.

The things you have been accustomed to will be no more. There is a rumbling in the underground that is causing a great shaking of the earth. And yet, I require you to stand your ground, and take up your supernatural weapons of faith, and activate the fruits of the Spirit. With these weapons you will overcome. I overcame evil with good, hatred with love, despair with joy, and anger with forgiveness and so will you.

I need you to press with all your might into the realm of righteousness, and take a godly stand against the evil all around you. Be a light that dares to shine in the darkness. Be not afraid of the world, for greater is My Spirit within your spirit then satan who is in the world.

I have told you over and over again in My Word, be not afraid, be not dismayed, for I will never leave you, and I will never forsake you. My promise in this is tried and true, and I will forever remain faithful to you.

I have never asked you to go this route alone, but to align yourself with My Spirit, and the ways of Holy Spirit. You cannot accomplish what I am requiring of you in these last days in the power of your own might, but all is possible in the power of His Spirit.

And I am calling you to enter into the secret place with Me, and worship Me in Spirit and in truth, where inner hurts are healed, the chains of bondage are broken, and physical healings manifest. All that you have need of is found under the protection of the shadow of the Almighty.

I love you with an everlasting love. My love is not of this earth, it is unconditional, and never ending. I love you, and even if you do not love Me, I still love you.

Listen to Me and be wise. Do as I instruct you to do. Be about My heavenly Father’s business and tell them My plan of Salvation, and show them My love. Thus I have spoken to you this day.”


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4 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: How to Overcome the World in These Last Days

  1. very good morning my lovely mother, sister, and friend. the word of the lord is very encouraging and strengthens me.there’s so much evil in the world like never before and as years goes by it gets darker but the light of the lord shines brighter and brighter praise GOD.
    I had that revelation of the LOVE of god years back. It is the greatest force of the fruit of the holy spirit. It overcomes all. God bless you woman of God for sharing and your obedience to the Lord Jesus.

    with all my love
    Stella Ebube

  2. mam can u please tell me whom God chosen for me. i am a converted christian. i am married. but my unbeliver muslim husband wants to divorce me.bcz they cannot face our socity if i live with them. sir can u please tell me is God want my unbeliver husband in my life? or i just move on from him? i know u are a seer.. please sir just tell me whom GOD want for me? i just want to know God’s will

    1. Dear Mun,
      I am sorry for your suffering. And yes, I am a prophetess and a seer, but that does not mean I tell you what you are suppose to do. You need to go directly to God for direction. And you can do this. Be led by the peace that is in your heart. If you are being pushed (forced) to go a certain direction, it’s not of God. Our enemy, satan pushes us to do something and it doesn’t set right within our spirit, while the Holy Spirit leads and guides us every step of the way.


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