What do we do when even though our faith is overriding the physical situation and the doctors can see that what they are predicting is not happening, but they continue to prophesy the worst over us and our loved ones? Let’s read this prayer request from a woman today and talk about it together.

“Hi Mrs. Becky, God has blessed my husband and I with a baby boy. From 4 months in the womb they had claimed my baby had a singular ventricle and would not live without surgery. They tried to have me terminate my baby. My husband and I said no. He was born through a c section. They claimed a surgery would happen 1-2 days after birth, then another one 2-3 months then 6 months. He is 4 months old and not one surgery has happened. Still now they are saying a surgery will happen 6months to a year.”

How should we respond to medical reports, such as the one listed above? I address this in my latest work, “The Prophetic and Healing Power of Your Words”, chapter 3, “Negative and Poisonous Word Curses”, pages 46-47, under the subtitle, “Unintentional Word Curses”.

A man is not feeling well and goes to the doctor for a check-up. He hears a report that his blood pressure is very high. Instead of just telling the man the results and that they are going to work with him to bring it down, the doctor speaks words of death and demonstrates with actions that this man will have a heart attack or a stroke. The conversation goes beyond reporting results and the doctor unintentionally prophesies death.

How should this man respond to the doctor’s colorful report? After all, he did seek the doctor out for medical advice. How about, “That’s  not going to happen to me. I will do what it takes to bring this blood pressure down to normal levels. Will you help me do this?”

Another man was told he was going to die of kidney disease. This man firmly said, “No, I am not going to die.” And he’s alive and well.

Another person is told they will never walk again. This one said, “I do not receive that. I will walk again.” And he did.

As you can read from this little excerpt from the book that we do not have to settle for the negative medical report. We have a say so in our health situation. We can make a quality decision of faith and prophesy life, strength, healing and health into our bodies. And along with prophesying health into our bodies in the name of Jesus, we also need to remember that faith demands action and we need to put action behind our bold words of faith too. If you receive a death report, not only speak the opposite of this negative report and speak life, strength and healing, but act like you are going to live.

And so that you understand how we should prophesy health and healing over our bodies I have included my response to the woman’s prayer request in the beginning of this post.

“In the name of Jesus’ every negative report they are speaking over your baby will not come to pass. You have made the right choice to believe the report of the Lord, and by the healing whips of Jesus his heart is recreated, strong and healthy and functions 100%. There is no heart defect, only recreation, healing, and a strong heart for the glory of the Lord, amen.”

Faith Scriptures for Healing:

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit, Proverbs 18:21.

 (As it is written, “I have made you a father of many nations”) in the presence of Him whom he believed—God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did; Romans 4:17.

The tongue of the wise promotes health. Proverbs 12:18b.


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25 thoughts on “How to Respond to Negative Medical Reports

  1. My son has been diagnosed of heart failure and congenital heart defect with complication. He is in oxygen for Days now but we believe his heart is made whole as a write this and he will rise from the sick bed in no time

    1. n the name of Jesus, I renounce a spirit of death over your son. I release the healing and life-giving power of Holy Spirit to flow through his heart, respiratory (lungs) and circulatory systems to open blood vessels, restore blood flow, and recreate and restore all cardiac (arteries and veins) and respiratory systems in his body. I release the breath of LIFE, the Holy Spirit, into your son’s lungs and respiratory systems to restore all normal functions to his breathing. I renounce a spirit of fear and negative power it possesses against you and your son. I speak life into him, and that he fight to live and fulfill his destiny, in Jesus’ name, amen and amen. Nothing is impossible with God!

  2. Dear Becky,

    We know we should be strong for my sister, encourage her to never give up, and reply on Our merciful and healing God almighty.
    But I do not quite understand your instruction of “Speak life”, could you please give me some “life words” that I should speak? Then I will sure line up my action with them. Thank you very much and God bless you and your family.

  3. Dear Becky,
    I just received a call from my sister Meiling’s son, that her doctor said the tumor has grown and seriously blocked her air way, she will die very soon due to inability to breathe. Look like Satan is stubbornly stuck to my sister. Please pray harder for my sister, so that Satan can flee my sister’s body in Jesus’s name.

    Thank you and may God bless you!???

    1. Grace,
      In Jesus’ name we command this tumor to dissolve and satan we say without faltering in our faith, “Get your hands off of her throat!” And to you, Grace you and your family must speak life and not words of death, no matter what in the name of Jesus, amen and amen.

  4. Dear Pastora Becky, Please pray for my sister Meiling Leng in China. She was diagnosed as lung cancer, and she is currently in hospital suffering from breath difficulties. Meiling Leng believes in God and she is baptized Christian, but she is suffering and very weak at this moment. Please pray for her and help to activate God’s healing power and authority on her, so she could be healed immediately and completely. Thank you very much and God bless you, your each and every prayer, and everywhere you go.

    1. Dear Grace,
      In the name of Jesus’ I renounce the spirit of premature death and this cancer in her lungs. I release the healing power of the Holy Spirit to flow in and throughout her lungs and that this power cleanses the lungs of all cancerous cells and tumors in Jesus’ name. I decree a separation between death, lung cancer from Meiling. I declare that by the healing whips of Jesus Meiling is healed and made whole for the glory of Jesus’, amen and amen.

    2. Dear Becky,

      Thank you for the prayers. I’ve felt the power of the spirit through your prayers. I know my sister must have been healed. I will update you soon.

      God bless you!

  5. You are right woman of God, these Doctors make things even worse for us if we donot rebuke their negative pronouncements in our lives. It also happened to me a year ago, but i refused to believe him in his face and decreed my healing by the wounds of Jesus Christ.Please keep the fire burning, and stand with me in prayers for the ministry work and my family because of the same negative things people.say.

  6. Pastora Becky, thank you very much to your prayer for my Daughter Miyu.
    So blessed of your testimony, may God continue to empower you wherever you do or go, for his glory & honors.
    Please include my Mother in aw to our prayers ” her name is Cora Bautista Niimi” Dr. Diagnosed her with, “pancreas cancer” praying for her salvation to know Jesus, thank you very much God bless you to bless others in Jesus name.

    1. Eloisa,
      In the name of Jesus I renounce this spirit of death and pancreas cancer and the power behind this label. I command all cancerous cells and tumors to dry up at the seed and detach from the roots and be eliminated from her body. I decree that she is cut off completely from this spirit of death and from pancreatic cancer in Jesus’ mighty name, amen and amen.

      Becky :O)

  7. Thank you for the testimonials .Ecouraged me to fight for my sister(Alisa Mitchell) and myself
    Please continue to keep up in prayer.

    1. In the name of Jesus I align my faith with Isaiah 53:4-5 for total and complete healing for you and your sister in all areas of life, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically too. Amen. Hugs, Becky :O)

  8. My chiropractor claims that I am sad, that I have hidden trauma. He is a new age chiropractor, his technique is called, the koren. Today May 9th he worked on me and now I am messed up more in the way that my anxiety is rearing it’s ugly head again. I don’t know if it’s his doing or the fact someone two days ago rode the back bumber of my vehicle, I tried to speed up but he followed me almost home. I pulled over because I was taking a uturn and he pulled over. I knew right then and there something wasn’t right. As I pulled over to my mailbox he drove passed me, I could not see his face. At first it didn’t scare me but yesterday it weirded me out like something wasn’t right about that situation and then this happened today. I don’t feel very good and I’m scared too. Thanks

    1. Dear Wendy,
      In the name of Jesus I renounce these attacks of satan against you. I command satan and his demonic forces to back off in Jesus’ name. Father forgive Wendy for going to a chiropractor that openly practices New Age. I renounce all negative reports and word curses spoken over her. We pray for a spiritual cleansing of this situation by the redemptive blood of Jesus. I renounce a spirit of fear, and declare that she walks in the wholeness and healing of the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s unconditional love and the mind of Christ Jesus, amen and amen.
      In the name of Jesus’ I command your spine to be realigned and function in harmony with Isaiah 53:4-5, that by the healing whips and the blood that was shed you are healed and made whole, amen and amen.

      Becky :O)

      1. Thank you Becky, for your prayers. I feel relief as the anxiety has left me. God is great and so are you!

  9. You never lose faith or hope.
    God always lives an open door for us. You are free and will be better than you think in no time!
    Praying for the life of your dreams!

  10. So true, I’ve been told I have kidney disease, melanoma, bad teeth, bad back. Recently divorced, I lost my health insurance, and I think that was a Blessing. Now doctors can’t curse me with death. That said, I am about to be homeless. My Ex has been evil, worshipping money. He is forcing me to sell the house, as he lives with his girlfriend. There will not be funds to find a place to live. Jesus is the Only One who provides our needs. Prayers needed.

    1. Dear Theresa,
      In the name of Jesus’ I renounce this spirit of death over you. I command it to release its hold on you. I release the dunumus power of the Holy Spirit to hover over you and through you. I command satan and all his demonic forces to back off and to bow at the name of Jesus! I stand on Isaiah 53:4-5 that by His healing stripes you are delivered and healed spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically too. I stand on the Word of God that all your needs are met. Give your way out of the situation. Look at what you do have and find someone with a need and start giving away. You can never out give God.
      I also break off all unhealthy soul ties to your unfaithful ex husband. I pray for inner and spiritual healing to manifest in your life.
      I release creative miracles throughout your kidneys and command them to function at 100%.
      I speak to this melanoma and command all growths to be gone, I curse them at the seed and command them to dry up at the roots and be eliminated and never come back in the name of Jesus. I say be healed and made whole, amen and amen.

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