People on their deathbeds need to possess the will to live. If they lack this basic element, there is not much you can do for them in the physical. In this case, love them and make sure they are right with the Lord concerning their salvation.

But just because they say in the beginning of the battle that they don’t want to fight; doesn’t mean you give up. Oftentimes, people are in need of some heavy doses of encouragement. They need a reason to fight, a goal they can achieve, and a reason to believe they can conquer the spirit of death. And this is where you come in and speak the truth to them in love. Shine the light of Jesus into their hearts of despair.

If you are dealing with a young child, children tend to be very trusting and open to the healing power of Jesus, but you need to remember they are under the authority of their parents. It’s the parents you need to reach with the message of faith.

What do we do if the recipient of all of our faith efforts suddenly gives up? This is a very common scenario. People are under a lot of stress, emotions are running high, the recipient is very ill and oftentimes is unable to cope with outside concerns and unresolved issues that are coming to the forefront. I find people are just not themselves, and it causes extra hurt and pain in an already painful circumstance.

Another common problem that occurs is that recipients of prayer feel like they are a burden to the family and feel uncomfortable, even guilty about it. Medical expenditures are adding up and they are concerned about how the family will cope with it all. Oftentimes, the recipient is in so much pain from the illness that their faith is worn down and they lose the will to live.

So, what do we do? I believe the best thing we can do is pour on the love and let them know that our love is unconditional. We are committed to one another in the good times as well as the bad times. And we are going to rally together and overcome this deadly disease once and for all.

I am a firm believer in life, and that we never give up on God, ourselves, or on each other. God says that we are to choose life, (See Deut. 30:19.). People on their deathbeds need a will to live.


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9 thoughts on “They Need a Will to Live

  1. Thank you Becky. That is exactly what I needed to hear to fight in my situation. I always want to choose life but don’t want to stress the sick person out with it. Love is powerful. Thanks again.

  2. My daughter in law is a non believer. She insists there are many gods. I asked her how much she wants to live, she is in Stage 5 with metastatic breast cancer. I pray Jesus changes her mind so she can be healed.

    1. God gives us a free will to believe whatever we want to believe, but with this comes either consequences for bad choices, or blessings for right ones. God does heal non-believers. I see this all the time. It’s our faith being activated, as long as they do not negate our prayer of faith. Love her, and ask her to pray in faith for her. And yes, speak the truth about Jesus in love, and pray in faith for her salvation. Hugs to you, Theresa.

  3. 1996 my young brother (35) developed brain tumor. Wish l knew then what you are teaching us. Radiation blinded one eye, surgery paralyzed 1 side of body. It tore my mother’s heart and all our family. We prayed, prayed. 8 months he lasted but could not talk eventually. This is reason l want to know what you are gratefully teaching us. Jesus Heals. Thank you.

    1. Dear Lucy, I am sorry to hear about your family’s loss and pain. I am proud of you and that you never gave up on the Lord and am blessed to have you as a student on my online healing course now.

      1. Our amazing God used a series of events to lift me up and then spoke to me explaining some things about Jim’s death. He was so patient and compassionate with me, l will never forget God’s love for us.

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