As the Holy Spirit taught me about the authority of the believer, He also taught me to put it into action at the same time. He wants His children to understand how to use our supernatural weapons of warfare. He really wants us to live in victory everyday.

One day I went to visit a hospital to encourage and pray for people dying from AIDS. When I arrived  I asked the nurse how the patients were doing that day. He looked at me and replied, “Sister Becky, they are not doing well. Two mean are going to die within a few hours. You need to pray with them.” I knew that what he said to me was just a religious response to a difficult situation, and that he didn’t believe any good would come from prayer, but that didn’t matter. I received it as an assignment for the Holy Spirit.

So, I walked into the room where these two men were dying. They were lying in separate beds, side by side; to my dismay there were no family members or even medical personal with them.

I walked over to the first bed where a man was lying in a coma, unable to move or to respond to anyone. While I was standing next to him, I looked directly into his eyes that were fixed on the ceiling. I calmly told him that I was a Christian and that I believed in healing. I read the redemptive passages from Isaiah 53:4-5 to the man. I looked him in the eye and asked him if I could pray for him. I saw his eye twitch. I told him that I saw his eye twitch and that I was going to take that as a “yes!” I laid my hands upon his head and rebuked premature death, HIV/AIDS, and everything that was attacking his body in the name of Jesus. I commanded the Spirit of Life back into his body. Immediately, the man jumped out of bed and started to shout, “I’m healed! I’m healed!” He then started to tell me that he was a Christian, but had not been walking right with Jesus, but he was now healed, and going home to tell everyone. And he left the room.

Now, there was another man lying in the other bed. And even though he was in a coma and could not respond, I knew in my spirit that he had just witnessed a miracle, and he was already primed to receive a healing touch from the Lord. I laid my hand on him told him to wake up in Jesus’ name, and he immediately sat up, and began to breathe normal as if he had never been sick. I invited him to receive Jesus as his Savior and he did.

While I was talking to this man the nurse walked in. He looked at me, looked at the empty bed, and this other man sitting up in his bed and with a bit of panic he asked, “Where is he?” I responded, “You told me to pray for him I did, he got out of bed and left the room.” The nurse said, “What?” And ran out of the room.

While I was still ministering to this second man, the first man walked in. I said to him that the nurse was looking for him. He responded, “I know, he found me in the cafeteria. I was so hungry!” The man continued to talk to me and told me that he was going to go back to his home. I never saw him in that place again.

I have a question for you, “Are you willing to visit the sick and dying and release the power of the Holy Spirit so they can be healed and live? God is able and willing to use you to release healing and miracles to release his people from the bondage of sickness and disease and to win the lost for Christ. Again I ask you, “Will you allow Him to use you for His glory?”


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13 thoughts on “Release Healing and Miracles

  1. Helo Becky, am very weak and can’t do anything. I was diagnosed of uti now am really suffering and can’t go to work. Pls help me

    1. Tetteh,
      In Jesus’ name I renounce this sickness UTI in your body. I release the healing power of Jesus into your urinary track and that all parts, kidneys, ureter, bladder, urethia are healed, all pelvic pain cease and high fevers be gone because by the whipping stripes of Jesus (Isaiah 53:4-5) you are healed and made whole for the glory of God, amen and amen.

  2. Blessed by your teaching , Doctors can’t place what’s actually wrong with me after several test but I am experiencing symptoms of chest pain and numbness on on side , need not just healing but power to bless other sick lives after all I ‘ve gone through. SANDRA Jack

  3. Hi Becky, please pray for me for the healing of HIV/AIDS. I am down, I need you to agree with me in faith. Nothing is impossible before God. I promise to live for Him. Please pray for me.

  4. I have had a debilitating stomach and digestive issue for the past 3 months and have lost over 40 pounds and have had numerous trays that have worsened my condition. The doctors have no answers for me. How do I tap into christ that I can recieve a expedited healing? Will you please stand in agreement for healing with me?

  5. Hello Becky my name is Francisco. I just wondering if you can pray for me I’m going to get checked up for HIV cancer aids in my doctor I’m praying every day that I don’t but the enemy is always putting it in my head. I am a Christian. Thank you god bless

  6. Becky, I was told that not all can pass on physical healing. That it could be emotional healing they can provide. Or non at all. That the”gifts” are not what we receive from HS (tongues, healing, prophetic) it’s what those around us receive through us. We’re a vessel.
    So that I could be praying to heal people but it may only work sometimes because it’s not a”gift” we carry always. Thank you

    1. Maggie, I believe we are to always trust what God says in His word, rather than what people say. His Word tells us in the Great Commission that if we BELIEVE we will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Hugs, Becky

  7. Hi Becky, my doctor. Just called, he’s recommending that I see a surgeon for diverticulitis. I’m asking for you to agree in prayer as we stand in agreement with the Lord that Jesus is the Healer. That he could recreate a whole new colon.. I thank you for your prayers and God bless you Becky for your encouragement for the sick.

    1. Dear Terri, I can most definitely align my faith with your faith for a recreated colon. I have a dear friend who was actually healed from stage 4 colon cancer. So, if He is able and willing to deliver, heal and recreate her body from that horrible disease, He is more than willing to give you a recreated colon. Hugs in Jesus, Becky :O)

  8. I have prayed for several people at their sick bed and most pass on including my parents, brother, his daughter and my sister’s daughter. I feel I miss God some where. PLEASE GUIDE ME.

    1. Hello Miche’, Don’t give up. Continue in the Word concerning healing, study your authority in Christ Jesus, and why you can stand in faith and minister healing to the sick. Blessings, Becky

      PS — My first book, DARE to Believe will help you in this.

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