Many people around us have received devastating reports of pain and death. They feel frightened and hopeless. We have a life changing message to offer to them. A message of hope and healing for those that are sick and hurting.

But sometimes we feel insecure to deliver this message. What if they refuse the message? In all honesty, I have offered this message to thousands of people and have only ever had a few refuse prayer. What should this tell us? People want hope, and they are waiting for someone to offer to pray for them for healing.

Here are a few  testimonies that I received from a ministry trip to the West Coast of Florida.

A man’s body had been broken from a 180 ft fall, and in serious pain for many years, after being prayed for has slept 2 nights in a row without pain and without using any pain medications. He is rejoicing. He also realized mid-day yesterday that he no longer is using his cane!

A mother and her two daughters came forward for prayer for healing from asthma. They felt a physical release and could all breathe in deep and easy.

A woman received healing into diseased lungs, the next morning she sang all morning long. Before healing she could not even sing one song without being out of breath.

A woman with serious head trauma came forward for prayer, immediately all pain was gone.

A woman came forward for prayer for serious back and shoulder pain. After releasing the healing power of the Holy Spirit I asked her to put her faith into action. She bent over and her back was healed and pain free. I told her to lift up her arm, and with a surprised look on her face she said, “The pain is gone!”

A woman came to the healing service last night for prayer. She had scoliosis and her spine in her neck was in an “s” shape. Immediately after prayer she could move her neck, bend her back with no pain.

A woman came forward for the healing of her left hip. I released the healing power of the Holy Spirit into her, she fell to the ground screaming, and she stood up rejoicing because she was totally healed!

A little boy had a speech problem and others could not understand him. After prayer last night, on the way home in the car his family was astounded as they could clearly understand his words.

A woman who had a serious allergy to cigarette smoke, who could not even stand near someone that had been smoking was healed at last night’s healing service.

As I was praying over a woman for healing from a large hernia, both her and I felt as if someone was stitching her up on the inside.

A man was instantly healed of a 12 year headache!

A woman had a serious car accident and suffered from severe pain and had trouble walking. She was instantly healed and walked up and down the stairs by herself.

Be willing to be used by God and deliver a message of hope and healing. Stretch forth your hands and allow the healing power of the Lord flow through your hands.

Don’t ever allow anyone to steal your hope for your healing. Healing is for today, and it is for you!

Becky Dvorak is a prophetic healing evangelist and the Destiny Image author of DARE to Believe and Greater Than Magic and, soon to be released, The Healing Creed. Visit her at


  1. The love of our Lord can be reflectd into the lives of believers and the results of a believer’s love of the Lord and their love of others is a power that can bring the lost to salvation, can heal the mind and the body, and in some cases the person healed can with the power of unbridled faith have the possibility of duplicating the process into the livers of others with the tangable evidence of signs and wonders few are able to understand. Becky speaks and acts in sincere love, and God is able to reveal himself.

    1. Steven, my desire is to share the deep love of the Lord with others. And I believe that all believers can reach out in the name of the Lord and minister healing to the lost and hurting. Thank you for your support! :O)

  2. Becky, I am so encouraged by your book and this website…hearing about God’s power operation through you! Thanks for taking time to write down what is happening and thanks for accepting my friend request on facebook! I want to keep up with what God is doing so that my faith will grow! Blessings to you!

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