The Lord God would say to you this day, “Know who your friends are, know who your neighbors are, and know who you can trust. For a grave darkness is passing through this earth, an evil presence like you have never witnessed before is covering the earth and will try to suffocate the very life out of you. But I say to you, I am your friend, and I will stick closer to you than a brother. I am your Redeemer, your Savior, your Good Shephard, and you can trust Me, for I will protect you from the wolves.

There are wolves in plain sight, and they are vicious. Then there are those that are wolves disguised in sheep’s clothing and they are extremely dangerous. If you will stay close to me, you will know who they are. Even though they are in disguise, you will discern that the wool they wear does not fit them quite right. By My Spirit you will discern that something is off with them, that is spiritually speaking. But nonetheless, they will try to pull the wool over your eyes. This is why you must be Intune with My Spirit, for I will reveal to you whom you can and cannot trust. Discernment is the key to this warning. For I have given to you, spiritual weapons that the enemy does not possess, and I give them to you freely. Spend time with Me My dear sheep. I will lead and guide you into all truth.

And fear not, for My rod and My staff will protect you. I beat the power of darkness off of you. And I have empowered you with an everlasting light, and it shall shine ever bright through you in the darkest of times. And My Word promises you that greater am I in you, than he, the devil is in this world. And I need you to choose to shine your light, don’t try to hide it, but allow the power of My Spirit to shine brightly through you.

I need you to trust Me, to follow close to Me, and allow Me to be all that I am through you. I will lead you through this darkness, and everywhere we go will be brighter because I am with you. I will never leave you or forsake you. Stay close to Me, for I will protect you.” Thus says the Lord God to you this day.


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7 thoughts on “Stay Close to God, He Will Protect You (Prophetic Word)

  1. Thank you for the prophetic word…as I felt every word! I long to be as close to Jesus as I can be and all my family! We are definitely living in dark days, but God is our light….
    I have been dealing with health problems lately and need prayer…I desire to be free from all these issues! Thank you for your prayers for us all❣️🙏
    May the Lord Jesus bless you Becky for your obedience to Him❣️

  2. Thank you for that profetic word, more than ever we need to stay close to God. After hearing the news this morning on the attack towards Isreal, my heart is overwhelmed…I have alot of health issues, but after watching the news, I have nothing in comparison to the pain, distraught issues the people of Isresl are going through…May God have mercy…

    1. Thank you, Lourdes. We need to stay in the Word, trust and remain in His presence.
      I pray the healing power of Holy Spirit to flow into your domain, to cleanse and heal you according to the Word of God that by His stripes you are healed and made whole, amen.

  3. God is speaking to me through this prophetic Word of God. Someone who has been in my life heavily in the last year has turned on me. It is like his entire countenance has changed. I have discernment to see the evil and have to get him completely out of my life. Thank you for sending this eye opening confirmation. I am so blessed by your ministry! God bless you Becky.

  4. That is such a right on target message! Thank you. I am praying for Israel because that terrible storm of darkness has engulfed them. The time of that great darkness is in America .
    Thank you for your prayers for all of us also, Becky, l appreciate you very much.

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