31 Days of Healing Scriptures with Nature Photos

31 Days of Healing Scriptures with Nature Photos
31 Days of Healing Scriptures with Nature Photos

Since the release of my book, DARE to Believe I have been asked by several readers to post a list of healing scriptures online. So, I posted on my WordPress blog  31 Days of Healing Scriptures with nature photos to bless and encourage you. Check it out.

Also, for those of you that are fighting against terminal illness or a lifetime disease and would like to be part of a private DARE to Believe support group where you will be encouraged and challenged to trust God for your miracle contact me on Facebook at Author Becky Dvorak.

This is what the DARE to Believe Support Group on Facebook is all about.

1. We will post ONLY that which is uplifting to the spirit, soul and body, and causes one to DARE to Believe in the healing power of our Jehova Rapha.

2. We will NOT glorify the spirit of death, nor strengthen its reports by aligning the power of our words with it. We post ONLY LIFE.

3. We will hold one another accountable, in the Spirit of Love, to confess ONLY life and healing.

4. We commit to love and respect one another in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to uphold one another in His loving embrace by the power of intercession.

5. We will allow the message of DARE to Believe to simmer within our spirits, until the power of the Word transforms from head knowledge to manifested revelation, and the spirit realm overtakes the physical realm and complete healing manifests.

I pray that your spirits are lifted up and strengthened with these scriptures from my 31 Days of Healing Scripture with nature photos.



Diane from Minnesota writes, “My granddaughter’s EEG is CLEAR! No abnormalities! She has had epilepsy for 8 years but after prayer from Becky Dvorak during a healing service in Midway a month ago, we knew something happened as she slept all through the service, had prayer, then slept the rest of the day. I do believe in the power of prayer but I have never seen such a miracle as this!”


My idea literally went to the dogs! During my ministry travels amongst the poor I had made a decision that years later would go to the dogs.

I have purchased thousands of Bibles and have given them away to needy people who couldn’t afford to purchase a copy for themselves.

Seeing the gratitude they had to receive just one copy of God’s Word, I decided that I would keep the Bible that I had for the rest of my life.

This Bible has traveled the World with me. It has accompanied me to some of the World’s largest cities, and then to some of the most remote places on the earth. What a wonderful travel companion it has been to me.

This Bible has survived thousands of miles of travel on rough terrain, airport checks, dirt, dust, spills, and even the hands of little children.

It has been a powerful guide for the past 20 years that would alter my world views on life. I know exactly where to find a favorite Scripture within a few seconds. It’s margins are filled with personal handwritten notes that I jotted down, and it also has important scribbles that a few of my children made when they were just toddlers.

During a recent visit to my parents home, their new puppy curiously checked out my things and got a hold of my Bible and chewed up many of its precious pages. Apologetically, my mom presented me my Bible. My immediate thoughts went to my decision I had made years before that this would be the only Bible I would own. I looked down at the puppy sheepishly wagging it’s tail and thought, “Now that idea went to the dogs!”

And as I meditate on this incident, I’ve come to the conclusion that some of my ideas about God should have gone to the dogs, because they were not correct. Beliefs that did not match up to the Word, especially my early beliefs as a young Christian in the area of God’s character, and the ways of the Holy Spirit, and all that He provides for us, especially healing and miracles.

Since then I have a new Bible that I read and enjoy very much. It is a different version that I have been reading from for so many years, and so it causes me to look at certain verses with a new light. And my prayer for you, the reader of these posts, is that I can guide you through the healing Scriptures and shed the light of His revelation that He wills to heal you of all things, all the time.

And in regards to my new Bible, it too will accompany me around the World, and I am sure that its contents will cause many of my crazy ideas to go to the dogs as well. But when it comes to healing, my faith only continues to strengthen as I study God’s word about it.

“Study and do your best to present yourself to God approved, a workman [tested by trial] who has no reason to be ashamed, accurately handling and skillfully teaching the word of truth.”      2 Tim. 2:15.


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© 2012 Author Becky Dvorak–Healing and Miracles International, All rights reserved. 


Many people around us have received devastating reports of pain and death. They feel frightened and hopeless. We have a life changing message to offer to them. A message of hope and healing for those that are sick and hurting.

But sometimes we feel insecure to deliver this message. What if they refuse the message? In all honesty, I have offered this message to thousands of people and have only ever had a few refuse prayer. What should this tell us? People want hope, and they are waiting for someone to offer to pray for them for healing.

Here are a few  testimonies that I received from a ministry trip to the West Coast of Florida.

A man’s body had been broken from a 180 ft fall, and in serious pain for many years, after being prayed for has slept 2 nights in a row without pain and without using any pain medications. He is rejoicing. He also realized mid-day yesterday that he no longer is using his cane!

A mother and her two daughters came forward for prayer for healing from asthma. They felt a physical release and could all breathe in deep and easy.

A woman received healing into diseased lungs, the next morning she sang all morning long. Before healing she could not even sing one song without being out of breath.

A woman with serious head trauma came forward for prayer, immediately all pain was gone.

A woman came forward for prayer for serious back and shoulder pain. After releasing the healing power of the Holy Spirit I asked her to put her faith into action. She bent over and her back was healed and pain free. I told her to lift up her arm, and with a surprised look on her face she said, “The pain is gone!”

A woman came to the healing service last night for prayer. She had scoliosis and her spine in her neck was in an “s” shape. Immediately after prayer she could move her neck, bend her back with no pain.

A woman came forward for the healing of her left hip. I released the healing power of the Holy Spirit into her, she fell to the ground screaming, and she stood up rejoicing because she was totally healed!

A little boy had a speech problem and others could not understand him. After prayer last night, on the way home in the car his family was astounded as they could clearly understand his words.

A woman who had a serious allergy to cigarette smoke, who could not even stand near someone that had been smoking was healed at last night’s healing service.

As I was praying over a woman for healing from a large hernia, both her and I felt as if someone was stitching her up on the inside.

A man was instantly healed of a 12 year headache!

A woman had a serious car accident and suffered from severe pain and had trouble walking. She was instantly healed and walked up and down the stairs by herself.

Be willing to be used by God and deliver a message of hope and healing. Stretch forth your hands and allow the healing power of the Lord flow through your hands.

Don’t ever allow anyone to steal your hope for your healing. Healing is for today, and it is for you!

Becky Dvorak is a prophetic healing evangelist and the Destiny Image author of DARE to Believe and Greater Than Magic and, soon to be released, The Healing Creed. Visit her at authorbeckydvorak.com.

Can Pets Be Healed?

Can Pets Be Healed?

Can pets be healed? This is an interesting question that people frequently ask me. And to answer this question, yes, even pets can be healed. I share a testimony in my book, DARE to Believe in Chapter3, Resolving Doubts and Questions Concerning Healing on pages 94-96 about a puppy that I accidentally ran over with the car. With tears streaming down my face I prayed to the Lord to heal the puppy and it was amazingly healed. I guess we should not be surprised by this, after all the Bible does say that if we believe all things are possible , (see Mark 9:23). The Word also states that there is the power of life and death in the tongue, (see Proverbs 18:21). It doesn’t say this applies only when believing for life for humans, so we can safely say that we can believe for healing for our pets too.

I received this healing testimony on my facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/AuthorBeckyDvorak from Courtney Franklin.

“Becky, I have a story of healing for you. Over the last six months or so, my dog had two papillomas pop up on her face. Both had to be surgically removed because other treatments weren’t effective. These surgeries were very expensive not to mention no fun for my pup or me. About a month ago, I noticed another one popping up above her eye. I laid my hand on it and asked God for healing. It went away!! I’ve been telling everyone. Praise Jesus!”

As we can see we have been given authority over all things, including sickness and disease attacking our pets. DARE to Believe!

Fungus Disappears

After the message a young teenage girl came forward for prayer for healing from a fungus that was spreading all over her body. I commanded the fungus to stop producing and to disappear in the name of Jesus. A few minutes later the girl and her family came forward to testify that the white spots on her pretty brown face had already disappeared. DARE to Believe!


There are times when we all need a prickly poke of faith to point us in the right direction. And this is the purpose of this post today.

Tammy from AZ writes a radical note of faith, “We change the lyrics to a song, “Some trust in chariots. Some trust in horses.”  We change them to say “Some trust in chemotherapy. Some trust in alternative treatments, but we TRUST in THE NAME of THE LORD GOD OF ISRAEL!”

This is exactly what we did over Marcos. We sang melodies over him, it didn’t matter who was listening. We allowed the power of the spoken word to recreate every cell of his body. We changed the lyrics to exactly what we needed for his physical body and desired for his future. Even the director of the Intensive Care Ward, announced to all the other parents, “Stop crying over your children. Today, I want you to do what this couple is doing, speak and sing positive things over your children.” Even though this highly trained medical doctor did not understand what we were doing, he saw that it worked. He witnessed life come back into Marcos’ body, and new body parts be recreated.

Everything within him was dead, it wasn’t diseased, it was dead. His heart and lungs didn’t just stop for a while they literally exploded in his body and came up out of his nose along with his blood. This was beyond hope, beyond the help of medical treatment, but by the true power of faith we raised him from the dead, spoke recreated body parts into being, and the Spirit of life into his body by the power of the spoken word, the power of faith in action, and by the power of our authority in Christ.

Was it a challenge to look at him in a lifeless state and declare the Word of the Lord? Only, if we allowed ourselves the pleasure of self-pity was it difficult. And immediately we saw that if we were going to have life we could not dwell on what we saw with our physical eyes.

What I am trying to stir within you is very radical. It is dominating your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. The Spirit of God is hovering over your situation now and trying to shine a very bright light to expose even the slightest shadow of doubt.

During this time David and I could not even afford to comfort one another with tears and words of sorrow, but could only declare the promises of the Lord to one another.

In a dream the other night, I could see how the Lord’s people struggle to speak life when all they can see is death. So, I am being like a prickly thorn that pokes you to get your attention, to guide you down the path of radical faith, because it is by declaring words of life that we overcome death.


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© 2012 Author Becky Dvorak–Healing and Miracles International, All rights reserved.


As I travel around the world and minister divine healing, I see many difficult situations.  Premature death is one that presents itself in a wide diversity of cruelty. God is not the author of these vicious attacks, but the Redeemer from sickness and disease.

One of my life assignments is to release physical healing, to equip people how to overcome premature death, and how to choose life so that they can fulfill their God-given destinies.

Recently, I have been sharing with many the following promise found in Scripture.

You shall come to your grave in a full age, like a shock of corn comes in its season” (Job 5:26).

This verse shows us that God’s plan for our lives is that we live long, and grow and remain strong like a tall, healthy shock of corn.

In Psalm 104:29 we see how God receives His beloved home to be with Him. “You take away their breath; they die, and return to the dust.”  God does not remove us from this earth by plaguing us with sickness and disease. He redeemed us from the curse of suffering by becoming the curse for us.

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”), that the blessings of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith (Galatians 3:13-14).

Recently, the Lord gave me a vision of the verse found in Job 5:26. I saw myself as a Blue Morpho Butterfly, lighting on a tall shock of corn in the midst of a strong and healthy cornfield.  I knew in my spirit that you were part of this healthy harvest. 

Start to confess the following today, “I will  live a long, healthy life, fulfilling my destiny for the glory of my Lord, in Jesus’ name, amen.”


Becky Dvorak is a prophetic healing evangelist and the Destiny Image author of DARE to Believe, Greater Than Magic and, soon to be released, The Healing Creed. Visit her at authorbeckydvorak.com.

Broken Hips Healed and Walking!

I stand in awe as I read the amazing testimonies that I receive from people reading and putting into practice the message of my book, DARE to Believe.

I received this exciting testimony from a Christian school of supernatural ministry in Daytona Beach, Florida where I taught the students one night from my book.


Thank you for your visit to our School of Supernatural Ministry while you were in Daytona Beach, Florida. Many of the students purchased your book “DARE to Believe” during your visit.

We were all captivated by the stories of faith outlined in the book even to the point of taking a risk at our monthly nursing home outreach. While there, (though we had been ministering there for over a year) we made our first announcement that we believe that God still heals today and if anyone wanted prayer to ask one of us.

There was a woman who had two broken hips, confined to a wheel chair who wanted prayer. Two of our lady students prayed for her as directed in the book commanding healing followed by asking her to get up in faith. She did and walked!! Her attending nurse said “I have just seen a miracle today, this woman has never walked since I’ve been working with her”. Praise be to our Glorious Savior, Jesus!!

You know there are so many hurting people out there waiting to be prayed for, and I can’t reach them all, but I can equip you how to minister to those around you. If you haven’t already done so, please purchase a copy of the book from us, read it, study it and put the message into practice and be amazed at what God will do through you too! DARE to Believe.

If you would like to host a special DARE to Believe healing service or conference please contact me at daretobelieve@lifeunlimitedmin.org for more information.

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