Healing Testimonies

“But indeed for this purpose I have raised you up, that I may show My power in you, and that My name may be declared in all the earth.

Exodus 9:16


In the year 2002, we raised our son, Marcos from the dead! And supernaturally received a new heart, lungs, kidneys, and a new brain by faith. READ MORE.

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Here is a wonderful testimony about a woman who came to the healing conference in Austin, Texas in 2018 with multiple  issues that caused her great pain. She had contracted polio as a child and it crippled her, then when she was a little older she had an accident where she went though a window and the glass cut her down to her bone. And the other health issue was she had a torn rotary cuff. READ MORE.


This little girl suffered for 8 years from epilepsy. Her grandparents brought her to a healing service in 2014 where she was delivered and healed supernaturally. READ MORE.


In 2013 Margie, from Hendersonville, TN was healed from tendinitis of the shoulder and is pain free to this day. READ MORE.

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Victoria from KY writes to testify and says, “I really did not understand healing until I was healed from being in a wheelchair for 6 years. I just believed with all my heart that I was healed and that was in 2012. And I am still out of the wheelchair! READ MORE.


In 2013 I took a fall and everything was in pain and swelling up. (My ankles, wrists, hands, thumbs, back, backside, and bottom. My hand and thumb were instantly swelling and I could see the black and blue marks forming.) … READ MORE.


This lovely Guatemalan couple was unable to conceive a child. As I ministered healing to them I was impressed to share a Word from the Lord for them. READ MORE.


Is anything too difficult for our God? By faith, our son, Andres has been delivered and healed from autism.  READ MORE.

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The next morning after you prayed for me I was awakened by a “crackling” noise in my sinuses!!! It sounded like someone was crumpling up a piece of newspaper, but the sound was in my sinuses. Then suddenly it was like a strong gust went through my sinuses and I could breathe like I never have before! 7/ 2017. READ MORE.

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God cares about your well-being. In 2012, Margie suffered from tooth and gum disease but was instantly healed by faith. READ MORE.


In  2011 parents were told to abort. Their baby’s spine was completely covered with a cancerous mass, and cancerous spots all over the brain. But Grandma believed God and reached out for a prayer of faith for a miracle. READ MORE.


In 2012, cancer had eaten away at her hip and she could not walk, immediately after I placed healing hands upon her, and renounced this disease and the damage it had done she bent over, squatted and danced for joy. READ MORE.


Even with extra help from her teachers, this little girl was unable to read. Her parents noting that she was especially sad about it encouraged her to pray to Jesus about it. She did just that and woke up being able to read the Bible. READ MORE.

Additional testimonies will be added on a continual basis.

20 thoughts on “Healing Testimonies

  1. Please Pray for my Daughter Benita, she is suffering with Muscular Dystrophy from her child hood, now she is 49 years old, married to a Non Believer his name is Samuel, she is married for 10 years now, apart form her Disability she is going through a hard time with her Husband harressing, calling her names and now she is in pain, distress, stress and she does not know what her life going to be, she cannot leave this horrible man and go as she cannot manage on her own, her parents live in a one room apartment and they are very old, she often falls if she goes off balance and someone has to lift her up, please Pray, Lord to Heal her and change this man’s Stony Heart and give him a Heart of flesh and Gad to change his ways, Bible shows God changed Saul to Paul and he became a Great Apostle, so this is nothing for God, otherwise this man’s soul will end up in Eternal Fire Bottemles Pit and in Damnation. Thanking You All, God Bless.

    1. In the name of Jesus’ I renounce this muscular dystrophy and declare that her every cell, tissue, organ and system is delivered from this diagnosis and suffering and healed and her mind and emotions are made whole for the glory of the Lord, amen and amen.

  2. Dear Becky,
    I copied and followed the healing scriptures for epilepsy which you gave to others , for the past six months I continually declared the scriptures for my daughter Evenglyn (Kashmeera) and the evil spirits of epilepsy disappeared . I m glad to see that she is daily going to school with healthy body and mind.. eating well, sleep well , and scoring good marks in monthly test in school.
    all glory to our Lord Jesus Christ alone..
    My Dear Sister Becky , please continuously pray for her..
    May God use you mightily in healing ministry.
    As for matter of fact, I also changed my lifestyle by not doing any things that defiles … no more sins .. I start to do things that please God… Amen and Amen

    Thanks and God bless you

    1. This is such a wonder-filled report, Enoch! Thank you for taking the time to share your testimony with us. The Word of God works when we learn how to cooperate our faith with it!

  3. Dear Becky I wish to thank you for sharing through Sid Roths’s program regarding praying for your own healing. I followed the instructions and the Lord healed me of my unusual bleeding.Hallelujah.
    Thank you Heavenly Father for using a powerful woman like Becky to release your wisdom and power. Thank you Becky very much for your teachings on healing. I might add that I am using your instructions in praying for my younger sister who is diabetic and on insulin. The prayers are taking effect on her as well.Thank you and God Bless Legu.

  4. Please pray for me. I have none spurs in both hips due to deterioration of the lining in my hip sockets. This has been going on for years and is quite painful.

    1. Christine,
      In the name of Jesus I curse the spirit of death in your hips. I curse these 9 spurs and command them to be supernaturally gone. I speak to the lining of your hip sockets to grow back supernaturally and your hips are healed and made whole, pain free for the glory of the Lord, amen.

  5. Can you please come to Virginia ASAP? My mother needs help and needs many healing miracles and deliverance. Please come. I know it’s not Gods will for her to be ill!

    1. Jeannie,
      I am not able to come there right now, I will be there in May, but that’s not what you want to hear right now. Let’s pray. In the name of Jesus’ I renounce the spirit of death over your mom. I release the Spirit of Life, the power of Holy Spirit to flow in and throughout her entire being and cleans it from all impurities, all infections, all diseases in the name of our healer–Jesus Christ, amen.

  6. Hi Becky please pray for me my name is yrgalem Btsamlak I am found in YouTube I keep flowes and I Google ur name pls praying for me I am very sick breast cancer I don’t know just in my heart isyou u going to help me with my situation and my prayer to healing to my sickness pls In the name of Jesus Christ pray for me please amen and amen

    1. Dearest Yrgalem,
      In the mighty name of Jesus–our Healer, I renounce this spirit of death and breast cancer attacking your body. I curse every cancerous cell and tumor in your body and command them to die off at the seed and dry up at the roots and supernaturally be eliminated from your body, never to return, never to grow back, never to spread. I command every cell, tissue, organ and system to be completely cleansed by the redemptive power of the blood and these things listed are cancer-free, cancer-proof, and totally healed, amen and amen.

  7. Dear BECKY.
    My name is Legu. I am not sure if the request for healing I sent
    In late December reached you. I fear I may have sent it in a wrong section.
    However to add, I have seen you on Sid Roth’s programme and am very much overwhelmed by your teaching on healings and
    The Ministry you run. I felt it is the leading of the Ruarch Hakodesh to tune into your programme and your network.
    I am writing to request a prayer for my healing. I am a 73 yr old and have noticed slight bleeding which is similar to menstruation.
    I seek your healing prayers.

    1. Benjamin,
      In the name of Jesus, your healer I release His miracle working power into your knee and declare it recreated and healed by the power of the Holy Spirit, amen! Put your faith into action, amen. :O)

  8. Dear Becky,I had been trusting God for the past 3 months to heal a hole on my front tooth!!I was commanding and declaring the word of God but the hole just kept getting bigger and bigger!! Yesterday I went to the doctor and he closed the hole and also fixed another tooth by filling the hole!! Now I want to know why are my prayers not answered although I belief in Gods creative miracles??Where do I miss the point??

    1. Sandra, we miss healing by not speaking on a consistent basis His healing promise over us and with our actions that do not line up to the Word of God that declares by His stripes we are healed.

  9. Their Becky, my name is Claudette and I came across your ministry on YouTube. I intended to click on another program that I was listening, but clicked on Sid Roth’s program instead, and this how the Lord brought you to my attention. I am so happy we met. The Lord has been stretching me to grow in my faith in God’s healing abilities and to see His people healed. He has heightened my awareness of how even Christians have placed their trust in man’s ability instead of God’s sovereign power to do what no Dr. can. You have expressed many of the concerns that I have been talking to the Lord about concerning the healing of His people. I am truly blessed by your teachings and blown away by the testimonies you shared. I am very happy the Lord connected us because I am learning and growing.

    I thank God for the anointing in you and the mantle of healing He has placed on your life. Thanks for your commitment to teaching the word of God. Shalom!!

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