You Live in What You Say

You live in what you say. This is exactly what our Lord Jesus tells us in Mark 11:23 “You will have what you say”. “For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things […]

Breast Cancer & Liver Growth Healed

Is breast cancer or cancerous growths on the liver too difficult for God to heal? Paulette does not think so, and neither do I. Jesus and His healing power are the same yesterday, today and forever. He never changes, nor has He ever removed His healing promise from the plan of redemption. Read this amazing […]

Seizures Healed!

December 26, 2018 Victor writes requesting prayer for his little girl who has been suffering with epileptic seizures for 7 months. He writes, “Dear Becky, please pray for my daughter (3 years plus) who has been suffering epileptic seizure disorder for about 7 months now. I believe in the Spiritual Authority & God’s Grace for […]

A Declaration For Protection

Do you feel unsafe? Are you afraid? Have you received a disheartening medical report? God forewarns us that in this word we will have tribulation, meaning difficult times. Then He tells us to rejoice, not because of the difficult situations we are passing through, but that in Him we have the victory. One step to […]

Victory You Will Not Lack

The Spirit of the Lord would say to you this day, “Do not worry, do not fret, and certainly do not forget, My yoke is easy, and My burden is light. I bore your pain and suffering upon My back, So victory while on this earth you would not lack. That old devil will try […]

I Live in You

Do you not know that I am your temple? My Spirit resides within you, but now I want to truly live in you.

Believing God For the Impossible

Believing God for the impossible is entering into the realm of faith, and before you can have faith you must have hope--hope for the miraculous. Hope in the strength of God where you defy man's wisdom and strength, and willfully deny your own human reasoning and the power of your 5 senses. The first step of faith may not be…

Can You Talk Yourself to Death?

It might sound humorous, but can you talk yourself to death? It’s an interesting question to look at, especially when this cliché has been around for many years, “You’re going to talk yourself to death”.  And since clichés have been around for many years, most have grown up with them and automatically use them without […]

Words Can Dramatically Alter Lives

“I stand in awe many times over as I witness the prophetic healing power of the Spirit change and rearrange the lives of God’s people forever. A simple command of faith, “In Jesus’ name, I command this cancerous tumor to shrivel up and die,” and by morning the large tumor is gone and a woman’s […]
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